Jimmy Garoppolo and the Lack of a true NFL WR , Helps the Cardinals Rally past 49ers in Opener

SANTA CLARA, Calif- San Francisco 49ers started out really good in the first quarter , Opening drive went down to Arizona 34 and Robbie Gould kicked a 52 yard field goal to go up 3-0 .

Second drive the 49ers get the ball ,and it was a quick 1 play drive .After LB Isaiah Simmons , Cardinals number one pick,took a terrible angle on Raheem Mostert on the wheel route. After Garoppolo got the pass to Mostert it was a 76 yard TD to put the 49ers up 10-0 . The next drive the 49ers went three and out and could have really put this game away. Special teams came out and Ezekiel Turner blocked the punt and turned this entire game around for the Cardinals .

The entire game from this point on,49ers lost momentum of this game .Kyler Murray threw a TD to Chase Edmons to put the game to a 10-7 game .

Second quarter both teams made field goals to end the quarter . Robbie Gould with a 24 yard FG and Zane Gonzalez with his longest FG of his career of 56 yards .49ers went in at half time with a 13-10 lead .

There was no scoring in the third quarter . The fourth quarter Arizona scored on Murray’s 22 yard run for a touchdown to put the Cardinals up 17-13 . Jimmy Garoppolo responded with a drive that ended with a 5 yard pass to another blown coverage by Isaiah Simmons ,that Jerick McKinnon caught for a walk in touchdown . The 49ers took a 20-17 lead with 8 minutes left in the game.

This game was not about the new toys that Jimmy was supposed to have with Deebo Samuel , Brandon Aiyuk, and Ben Garland all were not available for this game. He was able to work with Jerick McKinnon ,and Jordan Reed .

This game was taken over by DeAndre Hopkins who ended up with a career high in receptions at 14  with 16 targets. He showed the 49ers what a real WR can do when you add them to your team. Hopkins also ended up with 151 yards and almost got in for the winning TD, but was down at the one yard line. Kenyan Drake finished it with a one yard TD run to put the Cardinals up 24-20.

The 49ers had 5 minutes left on the clock, to go down the field and score the winning TD. Last year it was something expected with this team . Jimmy Garoppolo has had national media rumors if he is the long term answer with this organization. Coming from a huge fan of his, I’m starting to have my doubts. The great thing for the Faithful,It’s not up to me. Jimmy did march the 49ers down to the 30 yard line,had a wide open Kendrick Bourne, and just lofted it up in the end zone.Patrick Peterson was able to knock it away from Bourne at the last second. On fourth down he had an open WR Trent Taylor at the first down sticks,was very late throwing the ball, and it was behind him on the biggest throw of the game . Game was over .

We could all tell that the game plan was to run the ball in this game , however with only 4 healthy WR, Jimmy only threw the ball 4 times to our WR, and that is unacceptable for a team like the San Francisco 49ers . They have a lot to work on and it starts with our captain on offense .

Side Notes from this Game : George Kittle hurt his knee in the second quarter and didn’t look the same after that . They will know more about his injury tomorrow . (Lower Leg Injury) Richie James also had an injury with a Hamstring and his update will also be updated tomorrow per Matt Maiocco from NBC Sports .

By: Bryan Bauer
Niners Radio

How realistic is Joey Bosa Joining the 49ers in 2020?

By: Bryan Bauer

The San Francisco 49ers finally knocked it out of the park when they drafted Nick Bosa last off season. He lived up to all the hype as advertised and then won defensive rookie of the year honors. Just to stamp that with an approval on it, He then did all he could in Super Bowl LIV with 12 pressures that was a record in a Super Bowl .Little bear must have talked to big bear as on multiple sources Joey Bosa wants to come play with little bear in San Francisco when he becomes a free agent in ’21 . https://thegamehaus.com/nfl/joey-bosa-reportedly-wants-to-join-the-49ers-in-2021/2020/01/14/.

Joey Bosa was talking about next year, however this brings us with the situation with Arik Armstead a free agent this year.As I talked to multiple people close to the situation Mr. Armstead is looking for a 5 year deal at 15 million a year and as we look at Armstead career year he had 10 sacks on the year and all came from playing inside and not on outside .

The San Francisco 49ers after the salary cap goes up this year will be around 25 million before any other releases have been completed. The 3 players expected will be  Marquis Goodwin, Jerick McKinnon, Mark Nzeocha to add close to 12 million more in cap .George Kittle and Deforest Buckner deals will be most important to get done, but there is one other option 49ers will have that is in question and that is Dee Ford that the 49ers gave up a second round pick last year with KC.

Dee Ford , If the 49ers cut him before April first they would owe him 6.4 million of dead money and it would save 9 million to the cap space .Looking at Joey Bosa fifth year in 2020 he is owed 14.3 million this year . The 49ers would take the 9 million from the Ford release and the 3 players we cut you would have the most dominating DE in the NFL. The bottom line is with these cuts and basically trading out Ford for Joey Bosa you would be sitting at 32 million under the cap to sign Kittle, Buckner, and others.

The 2021 offseason, the 49ers are sitting a lot more comfortable with 63 million under the cap and people like Jimmy Garoppolo that said he is willing to redo his contract if needed to have players stay and finish what they started.  

49ers Weekly with Dexter Carter – Super Bowl Preview!

It’s Super Bowl time! Join Matt Andruscavage and former 49ers running back Dexter Carter as they preview the matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The media has been going on all week about how no one can stop Patrick Mahomes and the offense, as well as how Jimmy Garoppolo can’t throw. This is just like 1984 when the media referred to Joe Montana as the “wimpy king of the NFC” and how no one can stop Dan Marino and that offense.

For this show, we break down the matchups, and also have a special guest, former 49ers and Broncos safety Dedrick Dodge. Dodge talks about the difference between knowing you’re going to win the Super Bowl, like he did when he was a part of the 1994 49ers, and knowing you can win the Super Bowl despite what the media says, like he did in 1997 with the Broncos.

The 49ers’ rebuild is complete and they are now in the Super Bowl, ready to bring home number six! Enjoy the show!

49ers Weekly with Dexter Carter – NFC Championship Game Preview

Join Matt Andruscavage and former 49ers running back Dexter Carter as they breakdown the 49ers’ playoff win over the Minnesota Vikings and preview the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers.

Last week, San Francisco made short order of the Vikings as they squeezed the life out of them, 27-10. The 49ers applied constant pressure, had six sacks, and dominated the time of possession on offense. The ground game had nearly 200 yards and had an amazing 19 runs for at least 5 yards.

Jimmy Garoppolo was very good on the opening drive and led the offense against a very good Vikings defense, despite a couple of bad throws. The ground game and defense took over the second half, showing that the 49ers can win in multiple ways, as they have all season.

Against the Packers, the team knows that the 37-8 trouncing in Week 12 means nothing. The Packers will be more difficult to beat this time around and the Niners must execute.

If the 49ers do not turn the ball over, they should be able to win this game. Green Bay has not improved significantly, though they have found ways to win. They probably played their best game of the season last week against the battered Seahawks and will be a difficult opponent.

San Francisco has the edge going into the game as they now have Dee Ford, Matt Breida, Joe Staley, Kwon Alexander, and Robbie Gould, who all missed the Week 12 matchup. Ford and Alexander’s return, along with Jaquiski Tartt who also is back, have completely transformed the defense into the juggernaut that it was earlier in the season. Staley gave up zero pressures on Saturday and is playing at a very high level. That will be very important against Za’darius and Preston Smith in this game.

The Packers will have Bryan Bulaga back, who left the Week 12 matchup early in the game, but the 49ers have a better chance of protecting their quarterback and getting after their opponent than the Packers do.

If San Francisco takes care of the football, applies the pressure on Aaron Rodgers, and doesn’t allow Aaron Jones to take over the game, the 49ers will be heading to the Super Bowl.

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49ers Weekly with Dexter Carter – Divisional Playoff Preview

The playoffs are here and for the first time since the 2013 season, the San Francisco 49ers will be participating in a Divisional Round matchup.

The Minnesota Vikings are coming to town and this matchup should shape up into a good one.

Join Matt Andruscavage and former 49ers running back Dexter Carter as they break down this matchup to find where each team has an advantage.

The 49ers are getting linebacker Kwon Alexander, safety Jaquiski Tartt, and defensive end Dee Ford back to their defense, making that unit even better than it was.

Minnesota, on the other hand, has players down in the secondary and Xavier Rhodes is not the same player he has been, which could mean some big gains by the 49er offense.

The game should come down to how each defense handles the opposition’s running game as well as how they protect their quarterback.

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