49ers Weekly with Dexter Carter – Super Bowl Preview!

It’s Super Bowl time! Join Matt Andruscavage and former 49ers running back Dexter Carter as they preview the matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The media has been going on all week about how no one can stop Patrick Mahomes and the offense, as well as how Jimmy Garoppolo can’t throw. This is just like 1984 when the media referred to Joe Montana as the “wimpy king of the NFC” and how no one can stop Dan Marino and that offense.

For this show, we break down the matchups, and also have a special guest, former 49ers and Broncos safety Dedrick Dodge. Dodge talks about the difference between knowing you’re going to win the Super Bowl, like he did when he was a part of the 1994 49ers, and knowing you can win the Super Bowl despite what the media says, like he did in 1997 with the Broncos.

The 49ers’ rebuild is complete and they are now in the Super Bowl, ready to bring home number six! Enjoy the show!

49ers 2017 Training Camp Reopens Positional Battles Predictions

John Lynch & Kyle Shanahan warned everyone that 49ers camp was going to be loaded with red hot competition this season. It has been as promised. They’ve brought in outstanding talents at several positions. The running backs featuring Carlos Hyde, Joe Williams, Matt Breida, Kapri Bibbs & Tim Hightower has to be the featured main event. The secondary competition featuring K’Waun Williams vs Will Redmond has been interesting but seemingly decided. This of course like all the competitions could shift this week as the pads are added. There are several undrafted free agents that are going to be involved in the decision making for the final lineups this season.

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LIVE! 49ers Fans Weekly: NFL Network’s BIG PREDICTIONS For 49ers

“Reuben Foster fever” could roll in during preseason, and become an epidemic by week 3. Willie McGinest of the NFL network who recently ranked the 49ers linebacking crew at no.4 after previously saying the team had no talent has now added more praise by saying Foster could be a rookie of the year candidate.
Elliot Harrison from that same 49ers bashing network in his “bold predictions” is quoted saying”Brian Hoyer will throw for 4,000 yards.”
Jeremy Kerley dropped in on “NFL Total Access” on Friday with the best of best predictions since he is actually a player and should have a feel for what’s up is predicting the 49ers roll off to a 10-6 record!

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan & Kirk Cousins Reunion Talk Rekindled

The Kirk Cousins signing deadline arrived with no deal. What does that mean for Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers? It’s hard to say, but where does the Niner Empire stand on the matter? Also have we lost faith in Brian Hoyer?

Camp battles are set to start raging next week and what is about to take place in Santa Clara reads like a fight card with most of the Empire looking forward to the “main event of Carlos Hyde vs Joe Williams, Tim Hightower, Kapri Bibbs, and Matt Breida who weeks ago was dubbed the best rookie in camp, which is a huge statement.

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