49ers Weekly with Dexter Carter – Super Bowl Preview!

It’s Super Bowl time! Join Matt Andruscavage and former 49ers running back Dexter Carter as they preview the matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The media has been going on all week about how no one can stop Patrick Mahomes and the offense, as well as how Jimmy Garoppolo can’t throw. This is just like 1984 when the media referred to Joe Montana as the “wimpy king of the NFC” and how no one can stop Dan Marino and that offense.

For this show, we break down the matchups, and also have a special guest, former 49ers and Broncos safety Dedrick Dodge. Dodge talks about the difference between knowing you’re going to win the Super Bowl, like he did when he was a part of the 1994 49ers, and knowing you can win the Super Bowl despite what the media says, like he did in 1997 with the Broncos.

The 49ers’ rebuild is complete and they are now in the Super Bowl, ready to bring home number six! Enjoy the show!

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