Will Jimmy Garoppolo be the QB in 2021

By: Bryan Bauer

The New England Patriots sent Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers, three years ago on October 30, 2017.Why does the organization, Head Coach, Fans still are unsure of what they really have under center?

We remember the story that John Lynch shared with the media in the 2017 offseason when they called the Patriots. John asked about Jimmy Garoppolo availability to strike a deal in a trade and Patriots said that Jimmy was not available at the time. John next question was Tom Brady available for a trade? They both laughed but who was to believe that same year we would strike a deal for Jimmy that year and three years later the 49ers did talk to Tom Brady even though the 49ers have still denied that they did .

Kyle Shanahan took over a team that did have some bad apples on the roster. He brought in players that he wanted and making tough decisions like releasing Navarro Bowman and others hat where huge question marks on how to build this team. Kyle imagination was to wait for Kirk Cousins to be a free agent and he would lead the 49ers for the future. When Kyle and John took over this team it was always about talking out decisions as a team .When they acquired Jimmy the story that was told to the media was a fabrication and Kyle was not happy how this entire situation went down per a source .

The first question came up as some of the great beat writer , Grant Cohn from Sports Illustrated made a comment this offseason that there was some disconnect .Kyle has gone on a lot of radio shows , podcast and has always said , we have to find out if Jimmy is the guy for this organization and the future . Going into year 3 and just miss winning a super bowl on the biggest stage this should not be a question, but it still is with the 49ers.

Some of the QB that could be on the realistic on radar would be Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, Matthew Stafford, Carson Wentz. These players are all exceptionally good players, however besides for Rodgers would they bring more to the table for the future or just a band aide?

The other option would be the NFL Draft , Trevor Lawrence will be the number one pick in the draft , then you will have Justin Fields from Ohio State , he will also be taken with the first ten picks in this draft. Then the other player would be based off of one game and that would be Trey Lance from North Dakota State. Let us face the facts that even though Kyle choice was Kirk Cousins, Jimmy is here for the future until a better option appears.

49ers Collapse on The Back Up Performance of Nick Mullens

By Bryan Bauer

The San Francisco 49ers come back home and faced an 0-3 Eagles team that to be honest was playing terrible football. This was a game that I thought the 49ers had a chance to win this game by possibly 25-30 points by the way the Eagles played up to this point.

They had all the momentum coming into this game with there stars, like George Kittle , Deebo Samuel coming back off there injuries. 49ers back up Nick Mullens just came off a road game that he was perfectly accurate with his throws and playing great with his first start last week. How one week can change how back up players play in this league. First two throws were to a wide-open Kendrick Bourne and then a blown coverage after Kyle Juszczyk acted like he was blocking and slipped by the linebacker and no one was around him, Mullens overthrew him for a possible walk in touchdown. Moma said there would be days like this.

The impressive Brandon Aiyuk that had another great game with an amazing run after a quick throw in the flat broke tackles and then leaped over a defender into the endzone that will be on highlight reel for years to come.

Once again Jerick Mckinnon has struggled all year long with picking the right holes to hit in the zone scheme running game .The other huge issue has been 2019 stand out Daniel Brunskill who really shined at the tackle position last year . He won the right guard position this year and it has been a disaster as former 49er Michael Person was let go this offseason for the same issue. This is a huge problem and even a worse situation this year. Jimmy Garoppolo has an injury because of his lack of pass blocking and Brunskill gave up 2 more sacks tonight that in four games so far has allowed 6 sacks total.

Mike Mcglinchey in my opinion was one of his worst games as a 49er since his rookie year verse Von Miller. These are things that Joe Staley helped McGlinchey with to get him ready for the next step in his career.

Third QB on the depth list came in to try to give the 49ers a spark and he did just that, C.J Beathard came in the game after over hyped Mullens was pulled. He came in and moved the 49ers right down the field. I would imagine if Jimmy Garoppolo cannot go next week verse the Dolphins next week Beathard will get the start.

All the people that where cheering for Mullens to be the starter for some reason are incredibly quiet tonight, as Kyle said this Jimmy Team!

Ziggy Ansah tore his Bicep during the game and after the MRI is taken tomorrow, 49ers expect him to go to season ending injured reserve. Another big blow as that will make it an even dozen players on the IR for 2020.

The San Francisco will need a win next week verse the Dolphins if they want to stay in the race as you can’t win the division in October but you sure can loose it with another bone head loss next week. https://youtu.be/qAZj4vQRleo

Richard Sherman Come Back Tour Will Be His Last With 49ers

By Bryan Bauer

The San Francisco 49ers have enjoyed the time that Richard Sherman has given the 49ers in the last three years. He signed a three-year deal back in 2017. He has changed this secondary into a squad that was very below average , He is a leader for this team but after last year Super Bowl LIV, there where whispers in coaches and more important was what Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch thought of him after the 2021 NFL season .These days there is not a lot of things that get out of that building .Sherman close friends have said different . This will be the last season with the 49ers, even though he wants to play four more years and was hoping to stay with the 49ers.

When you are speculating on what this person says and what we hear from people inside the organzation. Whose word should you count on to what will happen after this year? My answer has always been when the official reporter reports from the public relation department.

The 49ers have quietly kept their eye on CB William Jackson III. He is playing on his fifth year with the Cincinnati Bengals. He was the Bengals 24th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Through the 4-year career with Bengals he has grown into one of the top 15 CB in the NFL.

Twenty eighteen was his best year where he led the league in lowest catch rates allowed for an outside corner back at 34.9 %, also 26.4% snaps per allowed which was number one in the NFL as well that year.

Twenty nineteen was a year that not only did the team struggle, but Jackson played the entire year with a torn labrum. He played through the pain every game because it was always about the team. He will go into next year as a marked man that will demand number one cornerback money and the San Francisco 49ers would be a great fit to replace Richard Sherman.

The San Francisco 49ers would be smart to try to get a jump on this situation and try to acquire Jackson this year before the trading dead line for the playoff push that will certainly be a huge boost to this injured plagued year . https://youtu.be/UXDsx6uu0Vg

49ers Take Care Of N.Y Giants with Second String Players

Bryan Bauer

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Best part of this two-game road trip in New York. Leaving the field that was
still horrible, getting on that bus and finally going home to San Francisco for three
games. It is safe to say the 49ers were not in a New York state of mind.

This was a game that was about backup and Kyle Shanahan was going to win
this game with his quarterback backup playing in Nick Mullens,Kyle options at
running back were Jerrik McKinnon, Jeff Wilson and a practice squad running
back Jamycal Hasty . What would you do in this situation? Kyle decided to have
a vanilla offense vs a very bad NY Giants team .His game plan was to take much
time off the clock and score a couple times and get out of New York and that is
exactly what they did .

First drive was 10 plays for 41 yards and took 5:17 off the clock with a Robbie
Gould 52-yard field goal. Second drive was 12 plays for 38 yards and took 5:25
off the clock with another 32-yard field goal. Robbie Gould tried a 55-yard
field goal that he missed and gave the Giants great field position and they would go
down the field to tie the score with Gano own 52-yard field goal.

The 49ers finally broke through with a 12 play 75 yard drive that took 6:18
minutes off the clock and ended with a 10 yard McKinnon run to put the 49ers up 13-6
with 1:06 left in second quarter , Unfortunately for the Giants, Super Star
Fred Warner jumped a route and picked off the pass by Daniel Jones . This led to
another 3 points before the half to make the score 16-6 49ers at halftime.

Number one pick got involved with his first touchdown with a beautiful design
end around that he was never touched on for a 19-yard walk in touchdown. The
game was over at this point, but the 49ers added a 19-yard Touchdown
pass to Wilson Jr and then Wilson for another 2-yard rushing Touchdown.

The 49ers won this game with being in full control the entire game versus just an
awful Giants team 36-9.

My take on Nick Mullens: Played very well for his first start of the year with
Jimmy Garoppolo nursing a high ankle sprain, Let’s not get this twisted however, he
was forcing the ball into tight windows that in any better secondary would have
made plays on. Before the Jordan Reed injury, he was looking for him and forcing
passes his way. He had a solid game with some great throws and he has better
arm strength then we saw him last time he started which was a plus. This is a game 
that the 49ers need to grow on and we will need to try to get a lot better before the Rams
game in three weeks from now .

49ers Revenge Tour changed to The Rehab Tour in 2020

By: Bryan Bauer

The 49ers received the kickoff and on the first play. The simple toss play that Raheem Mostert took went 80 yards. The 49ers where up 7-0 and it was going to be a long day for the New York Jets. The next drive the 49ers had Raheem takes another pitch and goes 65 yards for another touchdown. Then the yellow flag was called on one of the biggest bone head plays by right tackle Mike McGlinchey. The naked eye it was a hold that if he would not have held him Mostert would of ran past the player.

The third downplay is where the rehab tour began. Jimmy Garoppolo drops back, and Quinton Williams hit the back of Jimmy ankle and then another player landed on top of him. Both could have been called for penalty’s as you cannot dive at the back of a QB leg and when a QB knee are down you can’t tackle him again. This resulted in a high ankle sprain and even though this happened on second series of game. Jimmy gutted out the first half and was having a great game at the time. He led them to two touchdown drives that ended up to two touchdown passes to Jordan Reed before third quarter came and the ankle tighten up and Nick Mullens had to come in and finish game.

The preseason with all the no OTA and not having all the snaps these players normally get is starting to show its ugly head. The other issue is the stadium just put in new turf and even in warmups. The players where complaining that the field was sticky and was an issue.

The worse news came when Nick Bosa, the best player on the field every game was pass rushing and his knee got bent back and had to be carted off. Two plays later we see Solomon Thomas was laying on the field and he also had to be carted back to the locker room. Unfortenly both players believed to have torn ACL injury .Monday they will have an MRI to confirm these injury , however if the 49ers DR are correct they both will have surgery this week and it is a six to nine month recovery time .Bosa has had this done back in high school.

Then we also found out that Raheem Mostert also had an inflammation in his knee, so he was to also be taken out of the game. When you lose three of your four big part of the team like the 49ers did today. This is something you do not replace but try to put a bandage around and hope your guys can come together as a team. This doesn’t even mention you have George Kittle, Richard Sherman , Dee Ford , Deebo Samuel all injured at the same time .

We can sit here and say these players are getting hurt because the corona virus, normal preseason, peace of crap field that both teams lost players on today. Just maybe we must ask that it is not just our team but with all the injuries around the league. Should the NFL players and the league even have a season with all these injuries?

The 49ers win this game 31-13 but does anyone even care? I do not!