The Final San Francisco 49ers Mock Draft that would Shock the NFL

By: Bryan Bauer

The San Francisco 49ers shocked the entire league, March 26, 2021 on a Friday the breaking-news broke that the 49ers traded the 12th pick in this year draft, 2022 third-round compensation pick and a first-round picks in 2022 and 2023 for the Miami Dolphins No. 3 overall selection in this year draft. The 49ers were attempting to move into the top 5 of the draft weeks before they found a deal.

The entire league has guessed that they moved up for Mac Jones, Justin Fields, Trey Lance but the whispers on what really is happening have been locked away in a tiny room and there are only a few people that know the real answer. I’ve personally talked to all the top beat reporters in the local and national level. They have good guesses but everyone I have talked to are 50/50

This is my time to be the general manager and what I’m about to tell you would be a very gutsy decision from the organzation but when you get some of the transaction, they have in the last ten days. This would make a lot of sense. Let’s get to work and here is my 49ers mock draft!

Pick 3: Kyle Pitts, Florida – TE 6’6 245

The San Francisco 49ers shock the league, they take the best non quarter back in the draft, he teams up with George Kittle and will be a scary offense this year as they move to a two tight end and two wide receiver sets. Pitts rare blend of speed, size and ball skills is a combination of George Kittles and Travis Kelce. This will challenge teams with the talents of Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk and Kyle Juszczyk. This will be Kyle Shanahan and the front office legacy and they just hit a wide-open TOUCHDOWN!

The next question everyone is saying, who is going to be our quarter back for the future? we have one coming!

The situation with the 49ers not selecting a quarter back, we see Justin Fields Trey Lance come off the board, the players like Penei Sewell, Ja’marr Chase, Devonta Smith, Rashawn Slater, Jaylen Waddle, Patrick Surtain all gone. The 49ers make there move that no one will see coming.

When Rodger Goodell hits the podium and with the 12th pick the Philadelphia Eagles have traded this pick to the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers are now on the clock!

Trade Details:

San Francisco 49ers Send:

43rd pick of the 2021 second-round pick (470 Points)

2022 second-round pick (250 Points)

2022 third-round pick (170 Points)

2023 third -round compensation (100 Points)

2024 third-round pick (170 Points)

RB Raheem Mostert, CB Emmanuel Moseley

Philadelphia Eagles Send:

12th Pick of the 2021 first-round pick (1200 Points)

2022 fourth-round pick (60 Point)

Pick 12: Mac Jones – QB Alabama 6’3 214

The San Francisco goes for it all and scores another TOUCHDOWN! They get their guy they wanted from the start. This has been the plan the entire time, why has it been Mac this whole time, when there have been better players like Fields and Lance? This is a guy who can run Kyle offense and will not waive off his system. This is a player that knows where to go with the ball and something in a QB that we have not seen since Jeff Garcia. Player that can see the field and knows where the ball should go in the open spots. He can throw people open and where his guys will be at and doesn’t need to see it before he throws it. This has been a tough decision to give up this much to get to this spot, however this will not only win games but will pay off with not just a good offense but a great offense. The 49ers will now be favorites to be in super bowls to come for now and the future.  

When Rodger Goodell hits the podium and with the 46th pick the New England Patriots have traded this pick to the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers are now on the clock!

Trade Details:

San Francisco 49ers Send: QB Jimmy Garoppolo

New England Patriots Send: 46th Pick in Second-round of 2021

Pick 46: Rondale Moore -WR Purdue 5’9 181

This is the receiver that can stretch the field and is so dangerous in the slot, He shows that he   is so elusive, explosive, has very good hands and he has physical toughness when it comes to competing, he is undersized and in his pro day he ran a 4.29 40 -yard dash and had a very quick 6.68 3-cone and a ridiculous 43” vertical jump. His electrifying athletic ability is game changing. He is so dangerous with the football in his hands which fits exactly what Kyle wants in a slot receiver.

When Rodger Goodell hits the podium and with the 89th pick the Cleveland Browns have traded this pick to the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers are now on the Clock!

Trade Details:

San Francisco 49ers Send:  

102nd in the third round of 2021  

117th in the fourth round of 2021

Cleveland Browns Send:     

 89th in the third round of 2021

Pick 89: Paulson Adebo -CB Stanford 6’1 192

This is a pick that the 49ers were not able to pass up. We have heard that they not only fell in love with Adebo, but they were going to make sure he ended up a 49er and a starter for the future. He is a very loose athlete with his flexibility to open and run up field. He separates great at the top of his route. He can play all coverages but really strives in zone situations. He shows on tape the ability to close and get his hands on the football. Expect him to close a lot of games and a player the 49ers desperately need for the future .

When Rodger Goodell hits the podium and with the 111th pick the Cincinnati Bengals have traded this pick to the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers are now on the Clock!

Trade Details:

San Francisco 49ers Send: 

DJ Jones – DT

172nd & 180th Picks in the fifth round of 2021

Fifth round pick in 2022 Cincinnati Bengals Send:   

111th Pick in the fourth round of 2021


Pick 111: Michael Carter – RB North Carolina 5’9 200

The 49ers finally get their guy that they thought they had in Jerick McKinnon ,They will use him in multiple packages, He is a homerun hitter every time he gets his hands on the ball. He has great field vision and he waits for his blocks and will strive in the zone scheme. He will take it to the house, he will be huge in there passing game and will pick up his blitzes. The scouting team has stayed in touch with Michael and with the departure of Mostert this would be a great pick!

Pick 155: Payton Turner -Edge/DE Houston 6’6 269

You never can have enough pass rushers and Payton is a monster, He has the length, power, hand technique, nonstop motor to be a starter down the road. I would not expect him to be in the rotation right away. However, this move will pay off while he learns with Nick Bosa and Dee Ford for now.

Pick 194: Michal Menet-Center Penn State 6’4 306

We needed a center for Mack to train for the future, he was a three-year starter and his strength is the zone blocking. he is very explosive at the point of contact and can get to the second level pretty quickly. He had a very heavy hand meaning it’s a very strong hands when blocking. He could see some guard play while he is learning which is a great thing with this team and he has a great future with the 49ers for a long time.  

Pick 230: Calvin Ashley-OT Florida A&M 6’6 314

You want to talk about a guy that you will love, this is the guy right here. He has limited snaps and not much experience. This is a guy that wants to learn and you may ask yourself why would you draft him? Just put on the tape and you tell me!


Huge Changes For the 49ers & Tough Decisions Coming

By: Bryan Bauer

This is going to be another challenging offseason for the San Francisco 49ers, Last year they had to move on from DeForest Buckner. This year we will see a lot more faces leave this team in free agency. The NFL salary cap is expected to go from 198.2 Million to 175 Million. This is an article that I have thought about for a while now and here is what I could see happening this offseason.

Looking at our free agents, we have a total of 40 free agents and of those we have 28 unrestricted free agents, five of those are restricted free agents, seven of them are exclusive free agents meaning 49ers are the only team that can talk to them and the team will decide if they want to keep them on the roster.

These are the free agents that the 49ers sign to a new contract, Trent Williams who is our best lineman that protect the blind side of your quarterback gets a three year 55.5 Million contract that will pay him 18.5 million annually. Kyle Juszczyk our fullback signs a two-year deal worth 6 million that will pay him 3 million annually. Kerry Hyder our left defensive end that has been a journeyman signs a one-year deal that will pay him 3.5 million for the 2021 season. Jordan Reed comes back for one more year and signs the minimum of 1.05 million for the 2021 season. Jason Verrett signs a one-year deal that will pay him 3 million in 2021.

The Restricted free agents we keep will be all of them I believe, QB Nick Mullens, TE Ross Dwelley, LS Taybor Pepper, RB Jeff Wilson, S Marcell Harris. The exclusive free agents we keep will be CB Emmanuel Mosley, T Daniel Brunskill , RB JaMycal Hasty, DT Kevin Givens .

The free agents we add to the team will be the second biggest move the 49ers will make by adding the number one ranked center in the NFL and a player that the Green Bay Packers have already said they will not resign due to their salary cap issues. Center Corey Linsley that not only will make sure that the protection is right but will command responsibility in the huddle to do their jobs. something we missed this year with Joe Staley. He signs a four year 42 million dollar deal worth 10.5 million annually.

Mike Hilton the slot cornerback with the Steelers comes over the 49ers on a 3 year 15-million-dollar deal that will pay him 5 million annually, Dawuane Smoot comes over from the Jaguars on a one-year deal worth 3-million-dollar deal to play the back up to Nick Bosa.

This leaves where we need to cut some money for the cap and both Dee Ford 16 Million and Weston Richburg 8.35 Million Post June 1st Cut. In case you are wondering Jimmy Garoppolo is 24.1 as well.

This means we say good bye to players Richard Sherman, Solomon Thomas, Jaquiski Tartt, Robbie Gould, Tevin Coleman, Kendrick Bourne, K’Waun Williams, Jerick McKinnon, Ahkello Witherspoon, Trent Taylor, D.J Jones.

This leaves the team’s starting lineman with Trent Williams, Laken Tomlinson, Corey Linsley, Mike McGlinchey? The front office and the coaches will not let this happen, even if Kyle wants to say we like Mike and what he has done. There has been rumors of the Colts moving on from Braden Smith

and how I would approach this is to call the Colts and offer Mike McGlinchey and to trade spots in the second round of this 2021 NFL Draft. This would allow the 49ers to get a much more polished pass and run blocker at their RT position and save 1 million dollars and for McGlinchey it would be a new start with good friends Quenton Nelson from Notre Dame.

Unfortenly I do believe we lose Robert Saleh and if he does end up with the Detroit Lions this would give us an additional 3rd round compensation this year and next year due to the new rule the NFL placed for hiring a black coach.

Mathew Stafford wants out of the Lions and does not want to stick around for another rebuild. The 49ers could offer the 3rd rounder compensation they would receive this year and both 3rd rounder in 2022 for a trade. This would allow the 49ers to compete at a very high level in 2021 and beyond. The Lions would like a second rounder and a Qb, however I don’t see Jimmy Garoppolo waiving his no trade to Detroit. What I do see happening is the 49ers trading Jimmy back to the Patriots for a 3rd and 6th rounder in 2021. Patriots will get a third-round compensation for loosing Tom Brady. This would allow the 49ers, Patriots and the Lions all get what they want with the Lions getting their choice of the future QB in Motown with their first pick.

Let’s Look at the draft if my predictions did happen?

10th Pick – CB Patrick Surtain Alabama

55th Pick – DE Jayson Oweh Penn State

3rd Round Comp (Pats for Loosing Brady) – QB Mac Jones Alabama

Also, in the later rounds I would like to hear Bubba Bolden S from Miami, DL Jordan Williams Clemson, DL Daelin Hayes Notre Dame, OG Jack Anderson Texas Tech. WR Dyami Brown North Carolina.

Get ready for a very busy off-season!

Will Jimmy Garoppolo be the QB in 2021

By: Bryan Bauer

The New England Patriots sent Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers, three years ago on October 30, 2017.Why does the organization, Head Coach, Fans still are unsure of what they really have under center?

We remember the story that John Lynch shared with the media in the 2017 offseason when they called the Patriots. John asked about Jimmy Garoppolo availability to strike a deal in a trade and Patriots said that Jimmy was not available at the time. John next question was Tom Brady available for a trade? They both laughed but who was to believe that same year we would strike a deal for Jimmy that year and three years later the 49ers did talk to Tom Brady even though the 49ers have still denied that they did .

Kyle Shanahan took over a team that did have some bad apples on the roster. He brought in players that he wanted and making tough decisions like releasing Navarro Bowman and others hat where huge question marks on how to build this team. Kyle imagination was to wait for Kirk Cousins to be a free agent and he would lead the 49ers for the future. When Kyle and John took over this team it was always about talking out decisions as a team .When they acquired Jimmy the story that was told to the media was a fabrication and Kyle was not happy how this entire situation went down per a source .

The first question came up as some of the great beat writer , Grant Cohn from Sports Illustrated made a comment this offseason that there was some disconnect .Kyle has gone on a lot of radio shows , podcast and has always said , we have to find out if Jimmy is the guy for this organization and the future . Going into year 3 and just miss winning a super bowl on the biggest stage this should not be a question, but it still is with the 49ers.

Some of the QB that could be on the realistic on radar would be Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, Matthew Stafford, Carson Wentz. These players are all exceptionally good players, however besides for Rodgers would they bring more to the table for the future or just a band aide?

The other option would be the NFL Draft , Trevor Lawrence will be the number one pick in the draft , then you will have Justin Fields from Ohio State , he will also be taken with the first ten picks in this draft. Then the other player would be based off of one game and that would be Trey Lance from North Dakota State. Let us face the facts that even though Kyle choice was Kirk Cousins, Jimmy is here for the future until a better option appears.

49ers Collapse on The Back Up Performance of Nick Mullens

By Bryan Bauer

The San Francisco 49ers come back home and faced an 0-3 Eagles team that to be honest was playing terrible football. This was a game that I thought the 49ers had a chance to win this game by possibly 25-30 points by the way the Eagles played up to this point.

They had all the momentum coming into this game with there stars, like George Kittle , Deebo Samuel coming back off there injuries. 49ers back up Nick Mullens just came off a road game that he was perfectly accurate with his throws and playing great with his first start last week. How one week can change how back up players play in this league. First two throws were to a wide-open Kendrick Bourne and then a blown coverage after Kyle Juszczyk acted like he was blocking and slipped by the linebacker and no one was around him, Mullens overthrew him for a possible walk in touchdown. Moma said there would be days like this.

The impressive Brandon Aiyuk that had another great game with an amazing run after a quick throw in the flat broke tackles and then leaped over a defender into the endzone that will be on highlight reel for years to come.

Once again Jerick Mckinnon has struggled all year long with picking the right holes to hit in the zone scheme running game .The other huge issue has been 2019 stand out Daniel Brunskill who really shined at the tackle position last year . He won the right guard position this year and it has been a disaster as former 49er Michael Person was let go this offseason for the same issue. This is a huge problem and even a worse situation this year. Jimmy Garoppolo has an injury because of his lack of pass blocking and Brunskill gave up 2 more sacks tonight that in four games so far has allowed 6 sacks total.

Mike Mcglinchey in my opinion was one of his worst games as a 49er since his rookie year verse Von Miller. These are things that Joe Staley helped McGlinchey with to get him ready for the next step in his career.

Third QB on the depth list came in to try to give the 49ers a spark and he did just that, C.J Beathard came in the game after over hyped Mullens was pulled. He came in and moved the 49ers right down the field. I would imagine if Jimmy Garoppolo cannot go next week verse the Dolphins next week Beathard will get the start.

All the people that where cheering for Mullens to be the starter for some reason are incredibly quiet tonight, as Kyle said this Jimmy Team!

Ziggy Ansah tore his Bicep during the game and after the MRI is taken tomorrow, 49ers expect him to go to season ending injured reserve. Another big blow as that will make it an even dozen players on the IR for 2020.

The San Francisco will need a win next week verse the Dolphins if they want to stay in the race as you can’t win the division in October but you sure can loose it with another bone head loss next week.

Richard Sherman Come Back Tour Will Be His Last With 49ers

By Bryan Bauer

The San Francisco 49ers have enjoyed the time that Richard Sherman has given the 49ers in the last three years. He signed a three-year deal back in 2017. He has changed this secondary into a squad that was very below average , He is a leader for this team but after last year Super Bowl LIV, there where whispers in coaches and more important was what Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch thought of him after the 2021 NFL season .These days there is not a lot of things that get out of that building .Sherman close friends have said different . This will be the last season with the 49ers, even though he wants to play four more years and was hoping to stay with the 49ers.

When you are speculating on what this person says and what we hear from people inside the organzation. Whose word should you count on to what will happen after this year? My answer has always been when the official reporter reports from the public relation department.

The 49ers have quietly kept their eye on CB William Jackson III. He is playing on his fifth year with the Cincinnati Bengals. He was the Bengals 24th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Through the 4-year career with Bengals he has grown into one of the top 15 CB in the NFL.

Twenty eighteen was his best year where he led the league in lowest catch rates allowed for an outside corner back at 34.9 %, also 26.4% snaps per allowed which was number one in the NFL as well that year.

Twenty nineteen was a year that not only did the team struggle, but Jackson played the entire year with a torn labrum. He played through the pain every game because it was always about the team. He will go into next year as a marked man that will demand number one cornerback money and the San Francisco 49ers would be a great fit to replace Richard Sherman.

The San Francisco 49ers would be smart to try to get a jump on this situation and try to acquire Jackson this year before the trading dead line for the playoff push that will certainly be a huge boost to this injured plagued year .