Spartans infiltrate Falcons Tailgate Competition


ATLANTA, GA. – This past weekend, the Spartan Niner Empire entered a tailgate competition in the city where they were born…..ATLANTA!

Spartans-2015-ATL-j_300The event consisted of several categories, best meal, best burger, and best Tailgate overall. The Spartan CEO David Kahn, and the Spartan President Pedro Torales got things going as early as 4am! These two have been working very hard, and they do it with one purpose, to ensure the 49er fan experience is present, representing the team away from the Bay!

Spartans-2015-ATL-c_300The Spartan group competed against 18 other hardcore tailgaters, representing the Atlanta Falcons, one UGA Bulldogs Tailgate, and one High school tailgate.

The Spartans arrived in stealth mode, not showing any magnets at the entrance, but the moment the tents went up, the 49er flags were high up in the air along with the massive Spartan Flag the enemy knew that this group came for one thing one in mind…winning first place!Spartans-2015-ATL-f_600

Spartans own DJ Thunder


DJ_thunder_aDJ Thunder got down to business, from 9am until 4pm he was nonstop and the only time he had to paused, was because the sun was melting his records of the turn tables, but once he got some Spartan help he was a real Soldier and he made sure every Falcon fan that attended the event, had a taste of how the Spartans will be doing it big in Atlanta when our 49ers come and play the Falcons in 2016!


And the winner is…

At 3:30pm the Spartans assembled to hear who the winner was,. The announcer had to pause and said, “This was a tough decision, because there was passion and dedication put into these tailgates and on this first event the judges decided to have a tie”.

Once the Spartans were named, they knew that next season they will be doing it even bigger, and now the entire city knows that the Spartans aren’t going anywhere, and that they represent our 49ers hard, with passion, heart, and thinking just about one thing…the fans!!


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