KO’Donnel’s – Scottsdale, AZ



As you walk in pass the front doors to the amazing aroma smell of food, to see a friendly smiling face of the hostess counter welcoming you and to witness the fun, relax environment of all the customers enjoying their time. I’m describing one of Scottsdale’s most popular hangout out’s, that is KO’Donnell’s American’s Bar and Grill.

I had the pleasure of meet the owner of this fine establishment, Kevin O’Donnell. The San Franciscan native is where he started his career in the restaurant industry, is a HUGE 49er fan! When he lived in the bay he was a 49er season ticket holder during the dynasty days of The Montana, Rice, Lott and Dwight years. As Kevin was sharing his memories of how it was being at the Stick watching the 49ers and what it was like, I couldn’t help but notice him smile and have that look of a proud 49er that we all feel and comes out of us all when we speak of our team. Arriving in Arizona 1990 to start his path in the restaurant in Scottsdale, he was working for a restaurant with a good family friend. Then in 2005, Kevin opened KO’Donnell’s American’s Bar and Grill, a family owned and ran restaurant. After hanging with Kevin and his daughter Jennifer, I felt right at home. You can tell they really do enjoy meeting people, especially when that person or group are die hard 49er fans. For them, seeing their customers come in with a smile and happy to be there and to leave with a even bigger smile, lets them know they, that customer had a GREAT experience at KO’Donnell’s.


The vibe at KO’Donnell’s is very cozy, casual and relaxed. As you walking into the restaurant, you will see the eatery section where you see everyone enjoying their time and food. On the right side of the restaurant is an area that can be closed into a private room. This private room can hold up to 50 of the strongest 49er fans, while watching the 49er game with their own big screen flat TV. Then to your left of the restaurant this is where the bar section is located, where you will hear all sorts of sports venues on the 32” high def- flat screen TV’s that are mounted all over this area. This is where you can show up in your favorite 49er’s jersey and enjoy the game along with other 49ers fans. I’ve been to KO’Donnell’s during the football season and the bar area is a section to chill with 49ers fans and other teams fans to just watch the game. It’s so much fun to haze and talk smack with everyone there. It’s a very respectable place and is known to have a strong 9er presents. Outside of this bar section is KO’Donnell’s Award-winning patio area. This is an area where you can enjoy the beautiful Arizona’s weather and still be able to watch the game with the multiple 32” flat screens TV’s mounted outside and also has cozy fires places. The coolest part is, if the environment is too loud and you can hear the game on TV, you can request to have your own private sound box that is playing the game. Of course on every 9er game, that is the main game that is blasting over through the restaurant. The patio is also pet friendly, so there is no reason to leave your dog at home, your pet is more than welcome to come and enjoy the game too. The entire layout of KO’Donnell’s is set up where anyone can walk into the different areas to get a different feel but also feel like you are still all together. to feel right at home. It’s very inviting and it very hard to leave.
The food at KO’Donnell’s is UNREAL! There isn’t ANYTHING I’ve had at this restaurant and didn’t like it. Their BBQ is amazing, their hamburger’s and sandwiches are amazing, even their pizza’s are amazing, and wait until you try their wraps, just (yep you guessed it) AMAZING. The great thing is you can turn any delicious salad in a wrap too! Then after you have tried one of those items, you’ll need to come back to try their Favorites dishes or as I like to call them “Their specialty dishes”. They are to die for. They have a full service bar with lots of variety of different beers on tap. KO’Donnell’s NFL game day drink and food specials they offer to all us 49er fans are:

$2.50 Domestic Drafts

$9.00 Domestic Pitchers

$6.99 Beer, Brat, & Chips (Domestic Beer)

Also, they have a new specialty item specials every Sunday:

$4 Bloody Marys,

$5 Absolut Bloody Marys

$5 Mimosas

KO_pizzaAFTER 5 PM.. 1/2 off any Medium or Large pizzas
So let’s be sure that any 9ers that will be around for the 49ers vs. Green Bay game on September 9th, to be sure to show up in all your 49er gear and celebrate with all the other local 9ers at KO’s. Also they will have a special “Niner Gold” wing sauce for any wing order. Now that’s pretty cool!

At the end of your visit at KO’Donnell’s, sometimes when you’re having so much fun, time passes and so do drinks. So KO’Donnell wants to be sure you get home safe, if you feel you’re to buzzed to drive home. So they will offer a complimentary ride home in their KO’Donnell’ bus and it’s free. Of course gratuities are much appreciated. The Niner Empire is honored and pleased to announce KO’s as one of the Empire’s “approved” 49ers locations. So 49er fans, if you are planning on making a trip to AZ, or your live locally near Scottsdale, be sure to make KO’Donnell’s American’s Bar and Grill a place to stop in to enjoy a great meal and an amazing experience for your personal pleasure or for a Niner game.