Freds Mexican Cafe

Fred’s Mexican Cafe – Huntington Beach, CA


Fred’s Mexican Café in Huntington Beach is the newest location for all 49ers fans. When Fred’s became a home base for all the 49ers faithful fans, they wanted to SHOW how serious they were.  They took one of their big walls near the bar area and had a professional painter paint the meanest, badest 49er wall they could come up with in honor of our team. As seen below, they painted three Gold Miners dressed in 49ers football uniforms with big words stating “Home of the Niners”. It was a huge statement and is a center piece now for this restaurant. This wall really stands out with the rest of the Mexican Café theme colors of bright yellows, purples, pinks, reds, oranges and blues.  As you walk up the very dramatic red stairs to get to the 2nd level of Fred’s, you can already hear the laughter and the fun environment coming from the restaurant.


I had the pleasure of sitting with Jennifer Kramer, the restaurant manager.  She was so excited to hear that the Niner Empire was interested in having her place be a part of our Niner Empire family. She shared that her entire staff is wearing their, very cute, 49ers jersey style tee-shirts for the ladies and the guys are all wearing the “Niner Empire” name as their choice of team shirts too! Her staff will be wearing these shirts on every Sunday for the Niner game day and will be wearing them proudly all day and night long.


One of the main reasons why Fred’s has became the newest location for the 49er family is one of their very own is a diehard faithful 49er fan and I had the privilege of speaking with her. Tara is an employee at Fred’s and she is a San Francisco Native and grew up most of her life in the Bay areas. Her father is the one she thanks for making her a faithful Niner Lady. Her dad was born and raised in San Francisco. He and a few friends would always enjoy going to the Stick to watch our 49ers play for many years. Tara’s father became very good friends with the “Colonel”, an older man that serviced in the U.S. Army (how he got his nickname). Well after years of hanging out with each other at the Stick the Colonel has passed away. Tara’s dad then was given the news that the Colonel left Tara’s dad his season tickets of the 49ers. Her father has always been very thankful and still till this day talks about the stories of the Colonel and his 49er days together. After Tara was born her father would then enjoy sharing his love for the 49ers with her. She shared her story of her very 1st 49ers game. She said she was about 6 years old (late 80’s) and it was a Thursday night pre-season game. Her dad was running late from work and was then running late to the game. He hurried and got home, Tara said she was dressed from head to toe in Niner gear. Her dad scooped her up fast, got into the car and started heading to the Stick. As they were crossing the Bay Bridge they got stuck in traffic. This was during the late 80’s, the days of the amazing Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Everyone flocked to the Stick to get a chance to witness the best team in NFL. So traffic was BAD. She said as she was sitting in the car she remembers seeing everyone dressed up in Niner gear, cars decorated in the colors of Red and Gold and everyone so excited and cheering between each other in the cars on the road. As her dad was driving head to head with a car next to him she looked over and saw a man giving her thumbs up, because he mainly saw this little Niner girl in the making dressed all in Niner gear. She said she remember smiling as she was excited to see that she was being recognized as a fan too. So she waved and the next thing she knew, the guy slammed right in the back of the car in front him. She cried and was so upset thinking she caused it but her dad told her it wasn’t her fault. As soon as they got to the game and saw all the Niner fans and how huge the Stick was, she soon


forgot about the man that got in the accident because he was giving her thumbs up! Her and her dad go to about two games together every season and cherish every moment of it. They also have the same big tailgate party and their tailgate even won the “best tailgate” title at the Stick a few seasons back. She also shared that her dad had got his season tickets for the new stadium and is looking forward to seeing the new home for the 49ers. So when the suggestion of Fred’s to become a 49er location had been mentioned, she was the most excited about it since her heart is in San Francisco and has so much love for the 49er team.


Fred’s Mexican Café has a relaxed atmosphere and fun / festive vibe. You know you’re at a 49er location with the two waving 49ers flags hanging right outside the entrance to Fred’s and the Marquis sign letting all Niner fans know, only the faithful Niners hang here. All you do is follow the red stair cases to the 2nd floor and you’ll find yourself waking in to an inviting room with friendly hostesses and an open bar area. With the amazing 49ers wall that has two pool tables next to it and a very festive bar that has a cool tropical straw roof top, you really do feel like you’re on a Mexico Riviera vacation. There are at least a dozen TV’s mounted throughout the bar area, which means you’ll always have a great view of the 49ers game when it is on. Now let’s talk about views! Since Fred’s Mexican Café is located in the beautiful city of Huntington Beach, their location is PRIME for beach views and amazing sunsets! They are located right on the corner of PCH Hwy and Main Street. With their wrap around open patio, FMC-6you can enjoy a beautiful sunny day or cool beach breezy night while sitting on the patio enjoying the view. It’s to DIE for!

The food at Fred’s Mexican Café is delicious! And the menu is astonishing! There was so much food to choose from but not overwhelming what-so-ever. I ordered the Shrimp Diablo and I was in HEAVEN!! The spicy sauce the shrimp was marinating in wrapped with a soft warm tortilla, then filled with rice and beans, I couldn’t help myself but smile when I bit into all that! Since they have an amazing bar with a variety of drinks and beers, you will surely find the perfect drink with your yummie dish.


Fred’s opens every Sunday at 9:30am for game day with a superb special breakfast menu. Niners can also enjoy their drink, TJ Dogs and Flautas on special all day as well. Game day at Fred’s is a big deal. To make the Niners feel right at home they fill up the place with Red and Gold Balloons only. They turn up the 49ers games on their sound round and have a MC during the 49er games. They also roll down the HUGE projector TV screen located near the 49ers wall as their BIG screen to watch the 49er game. So the game day is full of excitement and fun! Fred’s has also came up with their very own 49ers shot! It is a shot glass full of Goldschlager and a splash of red grenadine. With the red on the bottom and seeing the gold flakes floating, it really brings the Red and Gold 49ers colors to your table.


Fred’s Mexican cafe is also having a 49er promotion for all 49ers fans that come and visit. They are having a free giveaway trip to a home game at the Stick. This package includes two game tickets and airfare. They also have other events going on throughout the month too, like Doggie Date night where you and your family can enjoy a great night with your four legged bestfriend or Taco Tuesdays, which was voted “One of the Best” Taco Tuesdays in all of Orange County.

The Niner Empire is honored and pleased to announce Fred’s Mexican Café as one of the Empire’s “approved” 49er locations. This is the place to be for 49ers fans to really enjoy a day near the beach, eating amazing tasting food, drinking a cerveza while watching the 49ers winning the game! And don’t forget, after the victory game, to have a Fred’s 49er shot made just for you. So 49er fans, if you are planning on making a trip to Huntington Beach, California, or you live locally near Orange County, be sure to wear your best Niner gear and make a visit to Fred’s Mexican Café for your next Sunday Niner game day.