Typhoon Saloon – San Diego

Typhoon Saloon – San Diego, CA


The first words that comes to my mind when walking into the Typhoon Saloon is “WOW, this place is HUGE”. The front area is called the “pit” with the red floor, the rows of TV’s, with a portion of this area open to the outside where you can enjoy the sun and cool breeze and with the huge center bar, no wonder why everyone hangs in this area! And just when you thought that was it,

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Freds Mexican Cafe

Fred’s Mexican Cafe – Huntington Beach, CA


Fred’s Mexican Café in Huntington Beach is the newest location for all 49ers fans. When Fred’s became a home base for all the 49ers faithful fans, they wanted to SHOW how serious they were.  They took one of their big walls near the bar area and had a professional painter paint the meanest, badest 49er wall they could come up with in honor of our team.

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KO’Donnel’s – Scottsdale, AZ



As you walk in pass the front doors to the amazing aroma smell of food, to see a friendly smiling face of the hostess counter welcoming you and to witness the fun, relax environment of all the customers enjoying their time. I’m describing one of Scottsdale’s most popular hangout out’s, that is KO’Donnell’s American’s Bar and Grill.

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