408 Chapter Toy Drive

408 Empire at Lucille Packard Childrens Hospital_H_w

Palo Alto, CA. – The 408 Chapter had an AMAZING experience at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital this past Thursday. It was the result of Chapter presidents Lisa Gutierrez and Robert Garcia’s efforts of organizing a toy drive for the kids at the hospital.

Since San Jose’s Blue Chip Restaurant/Sports Bar is home to the 408 49er Empire, they spoke to owner and Diehard 49er Rudy DeAnda about placing their donation barrels there. For a great cause they put team differences aside and also set up barrels for Cowboys and Steeler fans to help donate as well.

When all was said and done they had collected over 150 toys and clothes. A big thank you goes to all who donated and helped including Louie Chavarria from the Cowboys club and Joey from the Steelers club.

After speaking with hospital staff Lisa decided that after Christmas would be a better time time to bring in the toys since that is when they children seem to get forgotten about.

On February 5th, a small group dressed in 49er gear pulled the carts loaded with toys into the hospital. They were escorted to meet the children in a playroom where this would be a total surprise for them. The smiles and “Thank You’s” on the children’s faces were so precious! After spending some time interacting and playing with them they had the opportunity to walk and deliver toys to bedsides for those kids who can not leave their room!

Toys-after at Lucille Packard Childrens HospitalAfter toys were handed out these were left behind for any children that may have missed out.

Lisa and Robert thank everyone who contributed into making this happen saying overall it was an incredible experience and blessing to do this. They now plan to continue to do this throughout the year!

For obvious reasons pictures weren’t allowed but on the way out one little boy who has been there a year kept waving. His mom said pictures would be okay. As Louie put it, “Each child was special but this little guy stole my heart. A big wrestling fan and a die hard John Cena fan living life to the fullest and enjoying life after a heart transplant. Looking forward to more of these little charity drives and thankful to be a part of them”.

Louie-at lucile packard

His mom posted a video on her Instagram yesterday were the little boy turns to his mom and said, ” wow, I can’t wait for the Niner fans to come back”.

We’ll let him know, the Niner fans will be back!

To their own surprise the playroom where they met the children was donated to the hospital by non other than our own “Steve Young” and his Forever Young Foundation!

Young at Lucille Packard Childrens Hospital

Way to “Represent with Class” 408 Chapter!!!


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