Repping 49ers in Florida

Arie Groen -Repping 24/7 in Florida

Pasco, FL – Arie Groen may quite possibly be the biggest 49er fan living in Florida. While growing up his first experience of professional football was watching Joe Montana doing his magic. He began collecting anything and everything 49ers which was not easy living in the heart of Dolphins, Buccaneers and Jaguars country. He would have to struggle to hunt down even the simplest 49er gear and merchandise bay area fans may take for granted.

Arie-e-truck front

All year long he reps his team as he drives around town in his very recognizable truck. He has an actual 49er helmet attached to his truck with 49er artwork wrapped onto his hood. No magnets here, win or lose, Arie stays repping right down to the 49er valve stems on his wheels.

Arie-g-tire stem

Arie-b-truck hood

He is known to walk up to anyone who might be wearing a different teams gear and tell them, “This is 49er country” then walk away leaving them bewildered like who was that guy. Arie is THAT fan.. A true Diehard and Faithful who reps his team to the fullest no matter what his surroundings.

Arie has made several trips to San Francisco to see his 49ers play at both Candlestick and now at Levi Stadium where he made sure represent with his custom Florida 49er flag on opening day 2014.

Arie-k-floridas no 1 niner fan

He travels to 49er fan events around Florida even driving five hours just to watch a game with fellow fans.

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One Team, One Love, One Family