John Lynch Is 49ers GM! Free Agents are Next & Draft Picks

The news of Johh Lynch becoming the new 49ers GM came suddenly as Niner Faithful Tobey calls into the show and says John Lynch is the new GM of the 49ers! Prior to that we were talking about who on earth is going to be the next GM! We knew it wasn’t Paton. He didn’t want the job anyway.

We found out that Terry McDonough has “people issues” so we can all do without him. Colin Kaepernick’s name came up as it always does. We’re talking future QB’s all over the place for that matter. What in the 49ers going to do with that matter?

Also what are the Browns going to do in the draft? What ever Cleveland does in the draft is of course going to effect the 49ers! Click on in because I have a theory on what the Cleveland Browns plan is.

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