Kyle Shanahan & The Falcons Win Over Packers, Kirk Cousins A 49er?

Kyle Shanahan and the Falcons victory over the #Packers has extended the 49ers season. Why? because the play caller of that masterpiece ran against the Packers is soon to become the 49ers head coach, and we are stoked!!!

49ers fans talked in great length about his coming along with the growing rumor of a Kyle Shanahan Kirk Cousins being reunited rumor that seems to be gaining in momentum as the free agency period looms. Also where do the 49ers find “the next Julio Jones”?! is on everyones mind, as the NINER EMPIRE is trying to figure out how does this roster go about getting restocked to bring San Francisco back to “THE ARENA OF CHAMPIONS”! Click on in fam this meeting is undiluted positivity! Sip lightly, you could overdose on the optimism in this weeks installation!

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