New Jersey Autism Walk – Rain or Shine

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Despite the cold weather and rain, the NINER Knuckle Headsas they call themselves from the New Jersey Chapter not only represented but won best tee shirt during the autism walk! (Even though they were wearing their NINER gear).  They did their part in helping to raise money by walking in the pouring rain for cure and research for autism!

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3rd Annual All Chapter Meeting, Germany


GERMANY – The Niner Empire Germany 3rd Annual All Chapter Meeting was a big success. Huge shout out to The Niner Empire Germany Sachsen Chapter for making this possible. Next year they will do it even bigger and better. See you there Niner fam!

Seattle Faithful Polar Bears


SEATTLE WA. – Seattle Niners Faithful took the Polar Plunge today. They won the Team Spirit, Best Costume and Largest Team awards.

They would have swept the awards but after they got mentioned on local news, it encouraged another team to get a big donation to pass us for most raised. BUT, they take pride in knowing they caused that!

They had 23 plungers who raised $6500 for Special Olympics!


Portland 49ers Represent With Class


PORTLAND, OR – After hearing about a Portland area Packers fan being assaulted by Seahawks fans, Joshus Billups the founder of  our Portland Chapter and his members went in together to get him a new Packers Jersey.