London Report – Day 1


London day 1 – After getting up at silly o’clock to pickup Gavin and his family we set out for Heathrow! ..Its was raining in manchester and continued all the way to Daventry where we hit the dreaded matrix signs…M25 Long Delays!!!!…wth…dont they know we have a appointment with the world’s best football team!!!!
Quick check of the Sat Nav..ETA 11.59..then.12.15!!!!…what time are the Niners arriving Gavin???…’12.45pm mate’ he said…crikey no more delays or we wont make it!!!!!…the thought of missing a chance to meet the Stars of our football team!!!…nooooooo.

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415 Chapter visits NYC Chapter

Leroy_Empire State_Building
415 Chapter President Leroy Bermudez in New York

San Francisco, CA Earlier this year 415 Chapter president Leroy Bermudez decided to experience watching a home game being played at Candlestick Park from across the country in New York.  He contacted NYC Chapter president Miguel Ramirez and let him know he was coming to town. Just before leaving for New York, Leroy saw a flyer being passed around by the New York Chapter welcoming the 415 Chapter to New York. 9erEmpire-2

Leroy said that upon arrival Miguel and his chapter members none of whom he had ever met before welcomed him with open arms and took good care of him during his visit. He was amazed to see the amount of 49er  fans sporting their niner gear on game day. He said even local NY Giants fans came up to him and commented on how they had never seen so many 49er fans in one place in New York.

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Congratulations Fresno Chapter!

Frsno Chapter - Bud Light banner
Fresno Chapter – Bud Light banner Unveiling

The Niner Empire of Fresno has been very active in their community both on and off season. Since their inception they’ve held charity events, fundraisers, blood drives and health fairs and more to help out their community. Most recently they unveiled their new banner with Bud Light becoming their official sponsor . Keep up the great work guys! Way to show the world what The Niner Empire is all about.