49ers Fans Weekly: Josh McDaniel, Steve McVay & Kyle Shanahan! Who Will It Be?!

49ers fans, are excited about Josh McDaniel, but then Kyle Shanahan gets some going, while Steve McVay stirs a milder reaction. Could this be the same path Jed York’s thoughts are traveling?
This year with the franchise being revamped it’s become theatre! Who the hell is going to be the boss? Also who has a problem with Louis Riddick? is he the left shoe to complete a pair with McDaniel?

In this first week offseason gathering the concern for who is going to be the quarterback is picking up with both worry, and speculation. If Colin Kaepernick is out like some believe, then who in the world could is going to be the quarterback? Yes of course Tony Romo’s name is still coming up right along with Jay Cutler! Good Lord! The weeks ahead are scintillating! Ronbo Sports has it’s finger on the pulse of the fan reactions, and will all offseason long. Click on in Niner fam! Hope to see you join in on the next gathering!

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