49ers Vs Seahawks Review & Goodbye Trent Baalke & Chip Kelly

The 49ers vs Seahawks would be a hot topic in the last game of the season under better circumstances but it’s all about the firing of Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly that is the bigger news in this absolutely disgusting 2016.

You can only complain about the 49ers inability to score in the 2nd half of ballgames so many times, but we do,and come up with more theories to add to the many. With the exit of mainly Trent Baalke the 49ers are expected to have that culture change that seems to be a very popular plan for 2016.

Does that change include Colin Kaepernick? Are the 49ers going to draft a quarterback? How much is needed to improve the defense? How long will it take the new regime to make the 49ers relevant? How many season before Super Bowl contention? Thanks to SoCal 49ers fan Mark for joining Ronbo Sports in this installment and explaining those famous signs of his often seen in the stands that signify the past two years of grief felt by 49ers fans worldwide!

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