Vincent Jarmon – Trey Murphy – Memphis

Vincent_n_Trey_72The Niner Empire Memphis Chapter was started by two friends, Vincent Jarmon and Trey Murphy. They were San Francisco 49er fans living in Tennessee. They hangouts they visited were Jillian’s and Lashawn’s sports bars. Spots known as Dallas Cowboy fans hangouts where they endured the mocking by other NFL football fans. The two soldiered on in hopes of establishing an esteemed fan base and hangout of there own.
While browsing through then popular social media website, Trey was befriended by Jay Esperanza, founder of the San Francisco Bay Area Niner Empire Core Chapter. Jay presented the idea about starting a Memphis Chapter of “The Niner Empire”. Trey recalls how things seemed so bleak and unreal at the time, “Our once dominant team was losing and it seemed Vince and I were the only fans in Memphis!” “Exactly!” remarks Vince, “People gave us crazy looks, joking about us and our team. We agreed to start our club but wondered how we could re-establish the fan base.  Fortunes changed after they met a gentleman by the name of Larry Hampton who was also a 49er fan. Larry was in the process of opening his own restaurant now known as “Munchees Galore” which would serve as a hangout for 49er fans.
After months of networking, they began to establish a consistent fan base which gave birth to the “Niner Empire Memphis Chapter”. Today they have over fifty members and growing. If you’re a 49er fan who lives in the area you’ll be welcomed with open arms to join in and support the movement as they build into tomorrow.


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