Philly Native but 49er Faithful!!!

Bobby_Sherry_09-22-13Bobby Sherry
Scranton, PA

I’ve been a Niner since the late ’80s thanks to my best friend growing up liking the team and getting me hooked into football and the Niners. As a young kid we only knew success but as true fans stayed Faithful thru all the dark years. Watched every game thanks to DirectTV and go all the way out each weekend hanging flags, banners, etc. outside.

This was all before the social media explosion on the internet, which turned out to be the best thing ever. I signed up to MySpace early on and wanted to try and connect with other fans.  In 2007 I did random searches on the site and came across Jay Esperanza from the Core Chapter of The Niner Empire and a few of the others who been on board since the beginning. It was the usual chatting etc. until I was finally able to realistically plan a trip out I contavted Jay who I had never met  until that point and he treated me and my family as his family. Finally I got out to a game in December 2008 (Jets) and everyone was amazing. They treated me like one of their own even though I lived in Pennsylvania.

It’s just blown up and every time I’m back at The Stick, I honestly can’t go ten feet without bumping into another Niner Brother or Sister I’ve been able to meet over the years. It’s truly not just a game, it’s a family and a way of life. I travel to one to two home games a year plus a couple road games. The Niner Empire movement is all over. Every city I hit there are tons of Faithfuls out in full force. Thanks to sites like Facebook, the movement is easily spread and game days are better than ever.


Dinner at Jacks Brewery in Fremont, CA with Jay Esperanza(Core Chapter) and Michele McGauvran(Summerville, South Carolina) and Kali Mann(Spearfish, North Dakota)