49ers Fans Weekly: NFL Combine 2017 John Ross, Leonard Fournette, Mitchell Trubisky Stand Out!

Kyle Shanahan loves speed in his lineup? During this meeting 49ers fans were picking out the best ones right and left! This year there is a Gold mine of talents, as it was pointed out that for the first 3 rounds this season every team can pick up and impact player! John Lynch has to be licking his chops to get at this years draft! It’s all about who fits the program.

In todays meeting everybody has an idea about that. John Ross sets a new combine record 4.22 but then it seems every position has speed burners! a bit above 4.5 or slightly under the standard for wide receivers this year. Not only them though! Evan Ingram, a tight end pumped out a 4.42!!! Bucky Hodges broad jumped 11’2, and pumped out a 4.62 40! These are 6’4 and up dudes! OJ Howard 4.51?! What? David NJoku’s vertical of 37.5 is screaming for an investigation! Lineman were moving at ridiculous speeds! This years Combine has pointed to a huge truth! The freaks are out in force for 2017, to be harvested in the April draft! The 49ers are sitting on top of the order too! Bring on free agency so the 49ers can then put together a list of the gems needed to pull from this draft! This weeks meeting was outrageous fun!