The Niner Empire Organization

Carrying on the Legacy of our

Candlestick Roots

We're located at

Green Lot 1, Pole 20

on Game Day @Levi's Stadium

Stop by and say hi on your way in!

Bring something for the grill and something for the cooler to join us
for good times, making friends and lifelong memories!

It’s all about the experience!

Get in some quality time
with fellow 49ers fans, Candlestick style.

Details on other options - coming soon


If you’re a 49er fan traveling in from out of town, you’re welcome to join us.
Bring something for the cooler and something for the grill and have a great time.

We’ve created an award winning tailgate for you to enjoy before the game.

As seen on TV…  You never know who you’ll bump into!


Empire Row sits on the edge of Levis Stadium and Green Lot 1. It’s run by some of the truest Diehards you will ever meet. They are passionate about our team, and have created an environment to share the best 49er tailgate experience ever for all who visit.

The name “Empire Row” came about during the excitement of the 2014 tailgater of the year competition. It was towards the end of Levis Stadiums inaugural season when AJ Esperanza, the founder of our 49er/Niner Empire movement, posted “Come to Empire Row” on social media and “Empire Row” was born.

After a stagnant first year at Levi’s, AJ and Raj of The Niner Empire Organization put in the work bringing together award winning tailgaters from Candlestick. The Niner Empire movement had already taken a hold and joining forces under the Empire Row banner made sense to bring Candlestick vibes to Levi’s for the Faithful to enjoy.


Empire Row almost immediately was awarded
“Tailgater of the Game” and on to “Tailgater of the Year”,

They were quickly dubbed,
“The Kings of the Tailgate”,
and they wear their this title proudly always pushing for the best 49er fan experience.


Candlestick Roots

The Red Zone Crew

One of the bigger tailgate groups known as “The Red Zone” tailgating crew got it’s start around 1996 at Candlestick Park. Over the years, fellow Candlestick tailgaters Antonio Arevalo of “The Red Zone Tailgate” and Auggie Perez of “Mine49 Tailgate” would connect for epic Tailgates. You’d find them at Pole R hosting the biggest tailgates at Historic Candlestick Stadium. With the best food on the grill and live performances by 49er Faithful recording artists performing their 49er Anthems, fans had a blast before heading into the game.

The Red Zone Tailgate
would go on to become the very first tailgating group to be awarded
Candlestick’s “Tailgater of the Game”

With The Red Zone’s years of amazing tailgate experience and understanding the true nature of what it takes to do it right, it was a no brainer the Red Zone Tailgate became the foundation of the Empire Row Tailgate .

One Love, One Team