Discounts for TNE Organization Members

Niner Empire Organization SealWe’ve heard from many types of businesses giving discounts to TNE Organization members. We applaud and encourage these committed business owners who reward their fellow members. A compiled list of these businesses will be posted for both recognition and to encourage TNE members to patronize these establishments. They include businesses from all walks of life. Be sure to give them your business and to thank these Niner Empire Organization supporters.

If you would like to be part of the TNE Organization Member Discount Program and be listed among these companies who offer a discount, sign up for Membership and enroll your business below.

If you have any questions about the member discount program, please E-mail


In addition to being listed in our database, businesses who enroll in the Member Discount Program will receive a decal with our logo indicating their participation. This decal can be displayed in your place of business and/or shown in print or TV advertisements.

Request to be listed in TNE Dedicated Supporter Database(For Registered Businesses Only)

Please list our business as follows: