Darin Gilbertson – Super Fan


darin_a_1I became a 49er fan when my sister, who then lived in San Mateo, CA. brought me to my first game at Candlestick Park in 1979. It was Joe Montana’s rookie year and my first NFL game. I loved seeing the 49ers play so much that I’ve been a fan ever since. I’ve had the opportunity to see them play three times at Candlestick Park and for me, living in Wisconsin, I feel very fortunate to have been there. Unfortunately, my sisters no longer live in the Bay area.

I have lived in Amery, Wisconsin most of my life and I am surrounded by Packer and Viking fans.

darin_dYou can imagine the hard time I receive from my friends and family. Amery is a small town in Western Wisconsin where everyone knows each other and knows what a huge fan I am. They see me driving around town in my 49er Rod and see me always sporting 49er gear.


I am a lifelong 49er fan as it is tattooed three times on both of my arms.


I also have raised my kids right as both of them are HUGE Niner fans as well.


My wife is a Packer fan, however, she’s has taken a liking towards Kap!


Our household also includes our Boxer dog named Niner.


I have been collecting 49er memorabilia for 18 years and enjoy finding unique ways of displaying them in my man cave. It’s nice that my friends and family will come across 49er items and pick them up for me. The funny thing about it is that I do not usually receive any duplicate items.


A few of my favorite items include a stadium seat from Candlestick Park that is autographed by Eric Wright, a 49er helmet chair and a photo of my man cave that was autographed by Joe Cool. My most unique item that I have is my full size mannequin that I dress in game worn equipment.


I was also chosen as Super Fan of the Year for Directv Sports Magazine in 2001, which was quite an honor. My bucket list includes attending a game in the future at the new Levi Stadium, meeting Niner Empire members and someday having the chance to meet a current or former 49er player or coach.

I believe the sign of a true fan is someone who stays with their team through highs and lows. I see too many fair weather fans and that drives me crazy. I appreciate being able to share my Niner passion with you.

Darin Gilbertson