49ers vs Seahawks Review & Week 4 Dallas Cowboys Game Predictions

There is a lot of reflection in this weeks Ronbo Sports installment. 49ers fans are having a much to familiar conversation about matters that have been discussed way to often Blaine Gabbert vs Colin Kaepernick is raging through out Niner Empire, and most of what is being said is not good. What went wrong in the Seahawks game? Many thoughts on that.

Also did Chip Kelly forget to prep this team for this game? Thoughts of stopping the Cowboys of course are discussed, and should we expect to win this game?

Fantasy football fans! Ronbo Sports has a hard working duo we want to introduce to you to aid you in your weekly picks. “Wild Bill News” yes, in this weeks edition of Ronbo Sports.

Thanks to Wayne, Derek, Ian and Wild Bill for making this third week of the NFL a good time!

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