49ers Vs Falcons Review & Week 16 Rams Game Predictions

The 49ers vs Rams is so fitting for this particular time given that it is seasons end. Absolutely nothing good has happened with the 49ers since that triumph over the Rams on opening day at Levis stadium. Both of these teams have seen better years. The Rams have won 4 games this season, saw there long time coach Jeff Fisher shown the door, and have no draft picks because of giving them all to The Browns for Jared Goff.

The same quarterback with the lean body that so many feared wouldn’t be able to absorb an NFL. They were right, hit didn’t. Richard Sherman applied that hit, and sure enough Jared is currently in concussion protocol hoping to be cleared for the contest vs the 49ers.

Meanwhile the 49ers issues are as abundant as shamefully can be, and the 49ers morale as is pointed out by a 49er faithful observer who took in the Falcons game is at a terrible low. Colin Kaepernick’s future will be discussed in this installment, as well as a Chip Kelly evaluation. Should the 49ers continue “Kelly ball”? Meanwhile this pre-Christmas edition includes a Ronbo Sports message to the entire Niner Empire for a Merry Christmas.

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