49ers VS Cowboys Week 4 Postgame Gathering!

A game that started out looking like a 49ers home game win as the confidence and playmaking to start the game was cutting edge, and suddenly boom! The ref makes an outrageous call that yes of course tomorrow there will be an apology from the NFL but that won’t be doing the 49ers any good…

Of course the hate Blaine Gabbert contingent came in, and worked him over. Today, however some hate was saved to throw towards the defense to the surprise of many especially me! So Gabbert shared the fault! LOL
Also, we are all trembling in fear that we may have lost not only our defensive leader but one of the NFL’s best MLB with a ruptured achilles that will end the 2016 season for Bow.
Also we went from that concern to that of losing Deforest Buckner to an injury. Both are scheduled for further examination by doctors on Monday.
It’s a tough Sunday #NinerFam