49ers Vs Cowboys Review & Week 5 Arizona Cardinals Game Predictions

Just a few more words about how in the world did the Cowboys slip out of Santa Clara with a win? Everybody says it’s Blaine Gabbert’s fault, but that has become way to cliche’ Today a SoCal 49ers chapter president of whom attended the 49ers vs Cowboys game gives us the accounts of an up close perspective of what took place at Levis Stadium. We’ll also discuss what in the world, or who in the world is going to fill the holes left by NoVorro Bowan, Deforest Buckner & Jimmy Ward? Is that even possible?

Roll back to last year when we were actually a very dysfunctional unit. That is not necessarily the case this year. We’ve lost but were ran off the field only by the Hawks! The Cardinals should have failed last season if not for an errant whistle, and another terrible timed bad called put the Cards right on the goal line. It’s incredible how these plays find their way to be game threatening.

The Cardinals for some reason are in serious struggle right now. It’s hard to believe that they actually got old in just a few months. That has to be it, because most of last season’s team is still there. Answers to these questions and more coming up Thursday night!

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