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49ers Fans Weekly: Kyle Shanahan May Pursue Kirk Cousins?

Kirk Cousins it seems is not sought after by most #49ers fans. Kyle Shanahan seems to think differently, but what does he know?! LOL One thing that is abundantly clear is that the 49ers fanbase is torn on both defensive, and offensive desires. Eric Berry’s name came up very often in todays conversation along with Dontari Poe. Reuben Foster is wanted but everyone isn’t aware of the fact that he is convalescing a shoulder operation… Wide receivers from the 49ers Eric Rogers, to Mike Williams in the draft have mouths watering. One interesting observation today was that the number 2 pick in the draft this season has no real value because beyond Myles Garrett, who is worth the number two pick? It seems trading down to the Titans is the advantageous move to make, but the fact is, why would the Titans trade up just to gain the number two pick?
This Sunday meeting is loaded with #49ers food for thought…

Super Bowl 51 Is Done! 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan To SF!

Super Bowl 51 Falcons vs Patriots with new 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, not Dan Quinn being thrown the most shade in this game because of a single offensive drive was on the minds of some while it is still unclear why a better strategy wasn’t employed on some downs in order to put the Patriots away is still something a lot of us want to know about. In this meeting some 49ers fans believe there was some conspiracy in play with the calls that the Patriots received. Continue reading