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TNE Members on Vacation

Empire Row – 2015

Santa Clara, CA - If you’re heading to a 49er game at Levi’s Stadium, you deserve to treat yourself to a great tailgating experience. Head over to Green Lot 1, Pole 12 directly outside the stadium and get a taste of Empire Row.

The tailgate is run by some true diehard fans who are just having a good time. Each one of them will tell you they do it for the fans. This fact becomes obvious when you feel the warm and friendly environment that is Empire Row.

Traveling fans from around the world including those of opposing teams have begun making it a destination before going in to the game. Bring something for the grill and something for the cooler and join in the fun.

49ers vs Giants Preview

REDNGOLD_2015_wk5_49ers vs Giants Preview

After the offensive performance by the offense last week, the 49ers are looking to rebound this Sunday Night against the New York Giants.

Both teams aren’t playing very good, but the Giants are doing enough to maintain a .500 record and due to the ugliness that is the NFC East, the Giants can finish 9-7 and they will have a reasonable chance at winning their division.

While the Giants don’t have a great offensive line and have their issues on defense, the 49ers have a lot more problems they need to correct. Continue reading

49ers vs Packers Preview


It’s Packers Week, but it doesn’t have the same ring to it as it had a couple of years ago.

Currently, the San Francisco 49ers are reeling and many have already thrown in the towel for the 2015 season. It is still to early for that, but there are serious concerns as to whether or not the Niners can right the ship and still be competitive.

When the Packers have the ball

The 49ers have had their share of problems on defense, but they’ll be put to an even bigger test this week as they face Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers do have injury problems. Right Tackle Bryan Bulaga is out and his replacement, Don Barclay, is average at best. Continue reading

Empire Row Tailgate in AZ

Phoenix, AZ - The Empire Row Tailgate crew made their first trip outside of Levis Stadium this past weekend for the 49er’s vs Cardinals game in Arizona. The game obviously did not go as was expected but any 49er fan who attended the Empire Row Tailgate came away with smiles from a memorable tailgate experience.

Empire Row member Auggie Perez and his Mine 49 bar setup which was hauled down from the bay was up and ready to go early.

AZ Road trip EMpire Row_Auggie_Mine49_setup_f_w

The EPT Chapter also joined in coming in all the way from El Paso, Texas. As fans started showing up this Niner Party was just getting started.

AZ Road trip Empire Row_EPT_w Continue reading

Scorched in the Desert


I’m hoping we’re not going to be asking the question, “What happened?!” every week, but this is now two games in a row.

The Arizona Cardinals completely dismantled the 49ers 47-7 on Sunday and it raises a lot of questions going into next week’s game against the Packers.

From the start of the game, the combination of poor offensive line play and Colin Kaepernick’s inaccuracy sunk the Niners before they could get started. It was a very tall order to ask the defense to take over this game when the offense put the team into an instant 14-0 hole. Continue reading