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49ers VS Dolphins Week 12 Gathering!

The 49ers vs Dolphins was crazy, but never mind the outcome! Colin Kaepernick looked like the future of the 49ers once again,and this time it looked extremely serious. Kaepernick rushed for 113 yards and threw for 296 yards, and that is what todays 49ers fan meeting is largely based on. Since the 49ers lost anyway in spite of Kap’s heroics, the conversation of what are the 49ers going to do next season if Kaepernick opts out started raging! Emotions ran amok, especially when the name Tony Romo, as a possible replacement was brought up.
This 49ers fan gathering is all out entertainment.

49ers Vs Patriots Review & Week 12 Miami Dolphins Game Predictions

In looking back at the contest with the Patriots and the scandalous beating of the 49ers at Levis stadium, before a partisan Patriots crowd in Santa Clara no less the 49ers continue to search for that elusive 2nd win of the season. The 49ers also continue to play only 1/2 of a game going limp in the second half. Niner faithful Stephen, out of the Florida area joins Ronbo Sports to discuss theories on what could it be that prevents the 49ers from continuing their first half play? Continue reading

49ers VS Patriots Postgame Week 11 Gathering!

The 49ers vs Patriots ended as predicted, as the rain fell on Eddie Debartolo’s day of Hall of fame recognition was the halftime program. Also in attendance for the event, the 49ers legends of the game, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig and various family members sat in horror watching the Patriots hang loss no.9 in a row on the now lowly 49ers who can’t seem to buy a victory. Continue reading