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Kings of the Tailgate – Jose Santana Album Review


Kings of the Tailgate Album Review - Jose Santana

San Francisco, CA. - As a fan base we come from all walks of life and recognize our foundation comes from those who built our city. Those whose passion and love for their city would go on to inspire music legends, the likes of Tony Bennet, Scott Mckenzie, Journey, and Otis Redding to put our city into song. Deep inside the heart of that foundation, directly at its core is that old school blue collar community. The ones who truly earned us the titles of "Diehard" and "Faithful". No matter where in the world they represent from today, this album is for them. It's their voice that is showcased in this first ever dedicated 49ers album titled, "KINGS OF THE TAILGATE". Continue reading

Empire Row Tailgate gets Prime Time Exposure



Santa Clara, Levi's Stadium - The game, well it was depressing to watch to say the least but as fans that is out of our hands. We don't stop having a great time no matter what. On Thursday Empire Row happened to be set up right next to the "Thursday Night Football Bus". They captured a majority of the pre-game footage right there inside Empire Row. As usual we welcomed and hosted our 49er family who traveled in from out of town!

Among them where Braxton Gaskins and his son Logan of "Hampton Roads Chapter" who traveled to California for the first time ever on their dream trip to see their favorite team play. They were right at home at Empire Row. He even had his with his wife calling him from home in Virginia saying I see you guys on TV. Braxton-Logan_w

Laura Reis brought her dad Darren, a life long 49er fan from Glasgow, Scotland who never dreamed he would one day make it to San Francisco let alone to see a 49ers game.

In September of 2014, Laura had reached out to The Niner Empire Organization and told us she wanted to surprise her dad for who was a lifelong Diehard. Her idea was she wanted to tell him on Christmas day that she would be taking him to San Francisco during the 2015 season to watch his favorite team play. TNE went to work and put together a video with the help of chapters around the world to help Laura surprise her dad. Here's the video of Darren on Xmas day as he watched the video.

And Thursday was the day they finally realized the game day experience starting at Empire Row. Pictured below are Laura Reis in the center and dad Darren Reis next to her in representing in his kilt.2015-ER-week7-hawks-laur_n_darren_3_w

Laura told us her dad was in tears in the hotel room before heading out to meet us at the game and what a surreal experience the entire thing was. Darren said after all these years of sitting alone and watching the game on TV with no one around you getting it, it was incredible to be surrounded by nothing but faithful around him.

Among other out town guests were the founder of the newly established Vancouver, WA Chapter of The Niner Empire, Brandon Mackey along with his wife. This couple from Alberta, Canada who said it was their first time ever and made it clear they were definitely not Seahawk fans.Alberta-Canada_w

One Team, One Love, One Family

Represent with Class!

A few additional picts of NFL Networks coverage of the pregame show next to Empire Row


Forty Niner Mark and West LA Chapter President Ed Umall made it on NFL Network




Flying High


It was a great day for the 49ers as they were able to hang on for a 25-20 win against the Baltimore Ravens and snap their 4 game losing streak.

The Good

  • The offense moved the ball well. ¬†Overall, it was nice to see the big plays to Aquan Boldin, Torrey Smith, Quinton Patton, and yes, even Bruce Miller.
  • Though Carlos Hyde was slowed with a foot injury, the offensive line played well overall, with Andrew Tiller getting a positive PFF rating and logging more snaps than Jordan Devey.
  • Colin Kaepernick has looked much more comfortable under center and made some very good throws.
  • The defense did just enough to win. They did get some pressure and forced an interception.
  • Phil Dawson is still a great kicker

The Bad

  • Center Marcus Martin is still looking like a backup rather than a starter. The Niners really need Daniel Kilgore back in the lineup.
  • Injuries will be tough to deal with this week. A lot of the offensive line is hurt, as is Hyde and Boldin. All will likely play, but it's unknown as to how much they'll be affected.
  • Consistency. While everything worked out, if the Niners are going to win Thursday against Seattle, they need a complete game from everyone. This team, especially the defense, is not consistent and it shows every week.

Going forward

  • Vernon Davis and Reggie Bush look like they will be back in the lineup, which will hopefully help.¬†
  • NaVorro Bowman played in all 77 snaps and looks like he's starting to turn the corner on being all the way back
  • Seattle has problems all over the place on their team, but they still appear to be able to likely win on Thursday. It will be interesting to see if Carroll is losing the team or if they have just lost close games to good teams.