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49ers Fans Weekly: Earl Mitchell, Deandre Carter & K’Waun Williams Are 49ers!

Earl Mitchell, Deandre Carter and K’waun Williams are all signed up and now how are those of the #NinerEmpire accepting it? Very well! First we just want the run to be stopped! Thank you Earl Mitchell! Mitchell also brings some valuable other intangibles to that locker room that are hugely needed. We go over them today. There was the one dig that Carter is to short. I handled that myself and got a few people straight about that. Would you consider signing Josh Gordon? Free agent scenarios were rampaging today, and of course the controversy of trading draft picks for Kirk Cousins continues to be a sore spot with most.
LeSean McCoy may be released soon. Do you think he would be a good run partner wit Carlos Hyde in the 49ers backfield? Click on in! When it comes to the 49ers everybody has an opinion about something!

49ers Free Agency & Mock Draft Picks 2017 – Ronbo Sports Red & Gold GM EP 4

Free Agency is coming up on March 7-9. Those dates are going to be pivotal for so many teams in the NFL, especially the 49ers! The Red & Gold GM show puts 49ers fans in the position of the GM to pick out the Free agents that he believes will help to propel the team to the next level. Todays auditioning GM is Bryan Bauer of Niners radio who will present his choices from the 2017 draft, and give detailed reasons as to how and why his chosen collegiate could potentially be a star of the 49ers future.

49ers Sign CB K’Waun Williams

Everything John Lynch does this season is going to be graded. K'Waun Williams is his first selection, and the first question was, who? LOL I gave a B+ on this selection I’ll explain if you’re still confused in the vid. You do realize we may not need as much help on defense as most think? Last year’s defense may have exposed the fact that the 49ers probably should have moved from the 3-4 defense as soon as all those super star defenders left. The 49ers have 4-3 players through out the roster. Continue reading

49ers Fans Weekly: Kyle Shanahan May Pursue Kirk Cousins?

Kirk Cousins it seems is not sought after by most #49ers fans. Kyle Shanahan seems to think differently, but what does he know?! LOL One thing that is abundantly clear is that the 49ers fanbase is torn on both defensive, and offensive desires. Eric Berry’s name came up very often in todays conversation along with Dontari Poe. Reuben Foster is wanted but everyone isn’t aware of the fact that he is convalescing a shoulder operation… Wide receivers from the 49ers Eric Rogers, to Mike Williams in the draft have mouths watering. One interesting observation today was that the number 2 pick in the draft this season has no real value because beyond Myles Garrett, who is worth the number two pick? It seems trading down to the Titans is the advantageous move to make, but the fact is, why would the Titans trade up just to gain the number two pick?
This Sunday meeting is loaded with #49ers food for thought…