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David “Heat” Canales

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San Francisco, CA. – When you’re a Diehard 49er faithful who just happens to be born into a Super Bowl season, it doesn’t matter what career path might be. The one thing there is no doubt about is that YOU are destined to bring HEAT just like your favorite team!

Recording artist David Canales aka “HEAT” exemplifies exactly that. A proud season ticket holder and native San Franciscan, David was born into the Super Bowl season of 1984 and has been attending games at Candlestick Park since 1987.

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49er Faithful UK Podcast S02E03

After a week in which the 49ers took to the (now torn up) turf for the first time at Levi’s Stadium, and then failed to trouble the scoreboard operators during their pre-season matchup against the Broncos, the gang instead focus on a major highlight of the state-of-the-art complex as they chat to Jerry Walker, former public relations director, turned team archivist, about his two-year quest to fill the new 49ers Museum and Hall of Fame with amazing artifacts, and his memories of working alongside Bill Walsh during the glory years.

510 Chapter 1st Annual Picnic


Union City, CA - Another great picnic for the 49er Empire. This time it was the 510 Chapter and the turnout was amazing! Empire family came from all over Northern California to hang out and meet fellow fans most of whom they may have never met otherwise. The atmosphere was electric and you can feel the unity and camaraderie in the air as everyone pitched in to do their part to help make this another successful event.

After much demand for another picnic from those who missed the much talked about 1st Annual 408 Chapter picnic a month earlier, 510 Chapter President, Auggie Perez who is also a longtime tailgater known as MINE 49 got together with the 408 Chapter Presidents Robert Garcia, Lisa Gutierrez and Bay Area Core Chapter President Jay Esperanza to plan this event.

We now know they did a great job cause on picnic day the babies came out!!!



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