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49ers Fans Weekly: Josh McDaniel, Steve McVay & Kyle Shanahan! Who Will It Be?!

49ers fans, are excited about Josh McDaniel, but then Kyle Shanahan gets some going, while Steve McVay stirs a milder reaction. Could this be the same path Jed York’s thoughts are traveling?
This year with the franchise being revamped it’s become theatre! Who the hell is going to be the boss? Also who has a problem with Louis Riddick? is he the left shoe to complete a pair with McDaniel? Continue reading

49ers Fans Reaction to Jed York Press Conference 2017

49ers owner Jed York addressed the media, and it’ hard to remember him looking any more uncomfortable than he did in this conference. The Media just went wild on him, They were asking him penetrating questions like since you’ve been involved with the last two seasons of failure why aren’t you being dismissed? Jed’s answer was started as many were, as he was quoted many times saying: There is no answer that is going to satisfy you. He was right too, as 49ers fans reacted to the thirty minute brow beating from the media on Jed before We picked up the phone to gain audio reactions from the viewers watching. 49ers fans are no more confident than the media that Jed is going locate and hire a competent GM. The biggest percentage of callers are not reassured of anything coming up in 2017…