Typhoon Saloon – San Diego

Typhoon Saloon – San Diego, CA


The first words that comes to my mind when walking into the Typhoon Saloon is “WOW, this place is HUGE”. The front area is called the “pit” with the red floor, the rows of TV’s, with a portion of this area open to the outside where you can enjoy the sun and cool breeze and with the huge center bar, no wonder why everyone hangs in this area! And just when you thought that was it, you can walk to the very back and behind those doors is another huge room where the DJ sets up his equipment and its on the stage which later then becomes a night club for the crowd to join after the day of sports festivities. This place has a total of 5 bar locations, pool table, shuffle board, and ping pong table. ( Yes I said Ping Pong). You’ll be sure to have a great time here at Typhoon Saloon.


I had the pleasure of meet the staff of Typhoon Saloon and had the chance to sit down with the Entertainment/Promotions Manager, Ari Delgado to talk about how this amazing place became the 49er location of San Diego. Ari had shared that he, being a San Franciscan native, wanted to have a place that felt more like home to him and to a few of his close friends that are also from the Bay area.  So when he was hired as an employee in 2003 with the Typhoon Saloon, he and his friends were on a mission to bring as many local 49ers to the bar as they can.Between the years of 2003 and 2007 they had 80 49er fans that would share their 49er game days to beat this fun establishment. The owner and the manage staff saw how there was a huge 49er following in the area and had declared that the Typhoon Saloon become a location in San Diego for all 49ers fans to come to and enjoy the team that they all loved and shared among one other. So in 2007 Typhoon was pronounced as “The Official 49ers location of San Diego!” This was very exciting for Ari as he is a faithful 49er himself. He remembers when he was at a young age he would always wear his 49ers gear, even though he lived in an area that surrounded Raiders, but wore it with pride and loved representing his team!  After graduating from High School in the Bay area, be signed up to become a US Marine and ended up being stationed in beautiful San Diego. Now that Ari is a full time resident of  the San Diego area, his family all ended moving to the East Bay area and still till this day lives there. Ari is a true San Franciscan and shares the term “One Love” with his sports teams that he is a fan of. His #1 passion of sports if the SF Giants baseball team and shares the same love for his 49ers. He had shared stories that while in San Diego he would always call his parents on the 49ers game days and he could hear the party and celebrations at his parent house as they would always have family and friends over to all be together and root for the 49ers. After recruiting about 80 49ers fans within the short period of time, Typhoon Saloon was the happening place for games days, even though those were the tough years for our 49ers, they all still came together.

Typhoon_cBy the time the 2010 season started, Typhoon Saloon was holding about 600 49er fans throughout the games. Then when the 49ers made it to the playoffs in the 2011 season, 49er fans we’re lining up at the front doors of the Typhoon Saloon starting at 6am to 8am in the morning and the waiting line for the place to open up wrapped around the block. You can also see the video footage of these playoff games on youtube at as this is how the Typhoon Saloon became well known for.

The vibe at Typhoon Saloon is very chill and relaxing, family orientated place. As you walk up to the front of the place, you’ll see the 49er flag waving in the air. This really helps you know, this is a home for Niners! There at least 2 dozens of TV’s mounted on every wall, so no matter where you sit, you will have a few TV’s to view.  As a 49er fan, you can admire all the 49er’s jersey’s that are framed and hanging on the wall. The jersey’s range from, most of the 49er HOF’s and a few of our current star players. There are 49er flags and banners hanging all throughout the place and the best part is the open area (the front section), the flooe is all painted RED! I loved that! Then the area that is mainly the night club which is in the very back behind the doors, has that San Diego night club feeling. The entire room is covered by big Christmas sort of color lights and is a little more dimed in light. This room also has a HUGE bar near the center and a Mimosa and Bloody Mary Bar on the 2nd level. Yes, this back room has a 2nd lever!! Don’t be fooled by how “small” this place looks like from the front, because it is HUGE! Typhoon Saloon is truly a place to come and enjoy a relaxing day and also to be part of the BIGGEST 49ers games, EVER! Even Super Bowl XXIX Champion, Gary Plummer loves joining this place and has been known to hang out here with all his fellow 49er fans.

When I asked how Ari handles the huge crowd of Niners during a game he had shared that he does a few things for every game. One thing is, whenever the 49ers make a touchdown, he will get on top of a high top table and pull the bullhorn megaphone out and start chatting through it. All the Niners interact and chat right back! The environment is so friendly, even if a customer comes in wearing another team’s jersey, be excepted to hear all the Niner’s in that area to “boo” them. This is the Niners way to make sure everyone is aware this is a 49er home that they just walked into. All of the staff, the servers and locals are all very kind and really go out of their way to make you feel right at home! A main reason why so many keep coming back and never want to leave!

The food Typhoon Saloon is SO GOOD! I ordered the pull pork sliders with their sweet potato tater tots (OMG I loved tater tots as a little girl, so this made me smile). And WOW the bbq sauce on the sliders made my mouth water!! The other thing I was very excited to see is that they had all the best beers and even had one of my favorites, Summer Shandy!! Not many carry this line of sweet lemonade-ish taste of beer (ladies usually taste of beer), but I was in heaven knowing they had it! With the wide range of variety on their food menu and all the different types of beers and the full liquor bar(s), that are available, this is a place where you can HANG for hours even all day if you chose to. “Typhoon Saloon’s NFL game day drinks and food specials they offer to all the 49er fans are:


$16- Miller High Life Six Packs (Ice Buckets)

$20- Coors Light & Miller Lite Six Packs (Ice Buckets)

$3- Coors Light & Miller Lite Drafts

$3.50- Leinenkugels Summer Shandy Draft

$4- Blue Moon Draft


$4-Smirnoff Bloody Mary’s (Bar)

$5-Bulleit Bourbon & Jose Cuervo Drinks

$5.75- Jack Daniels & Stoli Drinks

Football Menu is:

$5.75- Breakfast Burrito, Typhoon Breakfast and Breakfast Quesadilla

$3.95- Bagel and Seasonal Fruit

2.95- Bowl of Seasonal Fruit

$6.75-$10.05 with drink (Domestic beer)-Tailgate Plate (buffet style)- Choose 1 meat and 3 sides. Meat Choices: Carne Asada, Chicken, BBQ Shredded Chicken, BBQ Pull Pork, Fried Catfish, Fried Chicken, Pork Ribs. Side Choices: Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Mac N Cheese, Side Salad, Fried Okra, Sweet Tots, Mash Potato and Gravy, Collard Greens, Corn, Fruit


Typhoon Saloon has all sorts of promotions and fun game activities going on for the 49er fans. This month they are having a free giveaway trip to a home game at the Stick. This package includes, two game tickets, flight and hotel stay. So they have some very cool have some very cool giveaways to all 49er fans can enjoy. The Niner Empire is honored and pleased to announce Typhoon Saloon as one of the Empire’s “approved” 49er locations. This family of 49ers, really made me feel welcome and will always be my 1st and only place to come to while in San Diego for all my 49er games. So 49er fans, if you are planning on making a trip to Southern California, or your live locally near Pacific Beach in San Diego, be sure to make Typhoon Saloon a place to visit and enjoy a beautiful day and amazing experience for your next Niner game.

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