TNE Organization

org_seal_aFrom the beginning TNE’s goal was to connect 49er fans and become the best fan resource we could for the fan base especially in those early days when the team wasn’t doing so well. Today we continue to operate with our focus on the fan base. At our core we operate under the mantra, “One Team, One Love, One Family”. Our intention is to ensure the next generation gets well versed in the underlying principles that Bill Walsh raised us on… Always “Represent with Class”.

One of the major takeaways we had noticed over the years was, while not intentional something seemed to be missing at the individual fan level. In 2013 TNE set out with a plan to enhance the fan experience right down to the individual fan.

Membership_Shield_150A year later the result was a self sustaining not for profit membership based organization which gave back to the community while enhancing the individual fan experience beyond just the season. Months before launching the membership platform, we made sure to notify the 49er Organization’s front office and shared all the details with them. They liked what they saw and agreed it was a positive step towards enhancing the fan experience.

We have had nothing but positive feedback. We have so much more in the pipeline and can’t wait to make them available for the Membership!