1.0 49ers Mock Draft

By: Bryan Bauer

The San Francisco Forty Niners fell four yards pass to long of completing their goal. As we look into this year draft and not having a top 10 pick since 2015 when we picked Arik Armstead at the 17th pick. Ironically, we wait to see what happens if we resign Arik and how that affects our salary cap.

This year we have the 31st pick and there are different ways we can go with this pick. They could move up with a team like Baltimore Ravens at the 26th pick. They could stay put and pick the best available player. They could also trade back which seams to be the most logical choice, due that they don’t have any picks on the second day of the draft. Since this is my article, we are going to change that, these are always fun to do and I’ve always tried to be realistic when doing these mock pick’s with trades.

This mock we have made two trades, one with the Indianapolis colts and another one that helped both teams with major needs to the Denver Broncos. With these transactions we have made, we have added a third-round pick at 95th pick and a fourth-round pick at 119th.

With the 34th pick, the Niners select C/G Cesar Ruiz. The best interior linemen in this draft. This monster can be plugged in at RG from day one and instantly   be an upgrade over an inconsistency play in pass protection. Mike Person had a pass blocking grade of 60.3 which ranked 53rd out of 86 guards in the NFL. Kyle Shanahan has always liked players that can play multiple positions. Ruiz would be the future center once Weston Richburg career ends with the 49ers.  

With the 95th pick, the Niners select WR Michael Pittman Jr. He has outstanding size and toughness, clears tough coverage underneath with hands and physicality and he will win the 50/50 balls as his ability to use his hands to be more physical when the ball is in the air. He tracks the deep ball, and can adjust to the ball and what this team will love is he will block his behind off when the team runs the ball.

With the 119th pick, the Niners select LB/DE Darrell Taylor He is a “Freak” athlete who is naturally strong and he explodes off the line of scrimmage , whether he is being used as a stand-up linebacker or having his hand in the dirt as a defensive end. His versatility on the edge should excite most teams, with the loss of Ronald Blair and possibly Arik Armstead this would be a slam dunk pick in the fourth round.

With the 156th pick, the Niners select OL Jack Driscoll With the loss of swing tackle Justin Skule the 49ers need to add more depth to this roster .He fits exactly what 49ers offensive line coach John Benton is looking for, he fits the zone scheme as he can play at either side but would be more comfortable at the RT position. He is average at run blocking but above average at passing protection.

With the 176th  pick, the Niners select CB Amik Robertson This could be the steal of the draft, this is a small guy but plays big. He is a playmaker and someone who will fight and scratch with any player and confidence is not an issue with him, he is a sure tackler and had 14 career INT in college and someone that would fit Saleh system and fight anyone on the roster to battle for his position.

With the 210th pick , the Niners select TE Thaddeus Moss This is Randy Moss son and if you put on the tape you see that he is a playmaker and with a little work this monster would fit in Kyle system with this TE group that people will need to account for . His hands in the NFL will keep him in the game and his run blocking is above average.

With the 217th pick, the Niners select S/CB Essang Bassey He will need to fight to get a roster spot however when you see him play he could be a solid back up safety on this roster

With the 245th pick, the Niners select DT Adam Shuler. Wish there was a better selection here, but to bring in another DT that can compete in camp is something we need.