Stick Tour


tourthestick_aWith this beginning our last season at the Candlestick, I felt it was super important to get all you, faithful die hard fans, the opportunity to experience the best season and see the …Stick like you’ve never have before, esp to those that will be traveling to SF for a home game. I’ve had the opportunity to do this tour and it will be something I will cherish forever! After the 2013/2014 season, the Stick will be torn down! It will not be standing shortly after the new season at our new home in Santa Clara. YOU MUST DO THIS TOUR!!

Its a sixty minute guided tour (1hr) you’ll experience the 49ers Locker Room, Gold Rush Cheerleading prep room, sit inside a luxury suite seat, see the views from the football press media box way up high (killer view), The Coaches locker room, walk through the tunnel onto the field, get inside the old Giants dugout, and even try to make a field goal kick on the FIELD!! and more! 

You even have a chance to re-enact on the filed “The Catch” by Joe Montana and Dwight Clark that led the 49ers to their first Super Bowl right where it happened! 

The tour showcase Candlestick’s fun, historical and structural facts, and even have trivia questions for adults and tour-related games for the kids for some 49ers free prizes too! – Denise Hines

Click Here for the link to Tour The Stick