Spartans of the Niner Empire

Dave_n_BridgetAs founder of the 49er Empire’s Georgia Chapter, David Kahn along with his wife Bridget Kahn have been learning and practicing the art of how to plan and throw a memorable and highly upbeat tailgate for many years now….. when Bridget and Dave moved from the Bay Area to Georgia in 2007 it killed them to give up their season tickets and tailgating at the Stick. Their first “away game” tailgate which they hosted was the NFC championship game in January of 2013 in Atlanta. That tailgate brought together 49er faithfuls from the surrounding area which formed the group now known as “Spartans of the Niner Empire”.

The second tailgate Dave hosted became known as “The Nashville Takeover”. The former Marine and his VP, Pedro Torales rode out on their Harleys to Nashville a month before the event to scope out and lock in a location before drawing up his “war plan” as he calls it for the upcoming tailgate. The event was a huge success. It gave both local and traveling fans from all over, a place to connect. It started with a meet n greet at a sports bar the night before the tailgate.

Dave has been given the title of, “49ers Away Game Tailgate CEO” and has proven himself to be just that. The next major tailgate will be Dallas regular or post season. Now through multiple groups, clubs, chapters and booster clubs, the Spartans have an army of diehards on this extended 9er fan team. They are the Spartans, the WARRIORS; and all of whom are very good friends!!! A bunch of 49ers fans getting together to get pumped up and represent away from the Bay.

“Hugs, high-fives and luv out to all of you that have attended and helped make the experience amazing. You can’t throw a kick ass party without kick-ass guests:)”
Signed, Dave & Bridget Kahn, 49ers Away Game Tailgate CEO,