Seattle Niner Faithful Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge

Seattle Faithful logoSEATTLE, WA. – Deep in the heart of enemy territory there is a Niner Empire movement to be reckoned with. They are the Seattle Niners Faithful Booster Club and Chapter. They prove yet again it’s nurture over nature because even living in an ugly terrain of Seahawks fans, 49er fans never fail to “Represent With Class”. The group which is led by their president Alex Carson decided to give back to their community back in October of 2014. Starting with a canned food drive at all of their viewing parties, they quickly gathered quite a few cans and donated them to local centers. They kept it going by doing a Toys for Tots drive in November. They gathered over 230 toys and donated those.

SNF toys for tots 1w In December they did a coats drive and collected over 100 new coats and many used coats. SNF coats drive_w When they turned those coats in they were met by the Pierce County community relations officer who had heard about all of their donations and wanted to meet them in person. He asked if he could issue a challenge to Hawks fans to be as charitable as they were.

polarplunge logo_wThat is when he then told them about The Polar Plunge which was an event raising money for Special Olympics. SNF group members Christina Framstad and Amber Bennet knew immediately they wanted to participate. They decided to make a team of plungers from SNF and have the club members sponsor them.

On the day of the event the enthusiastic SNF plungers were one of more than twenty groups amongst a sea of Hawks fans. Many members came out to support them as well.


This was before the plunge…


The Plunge… brrrrrr…..


After the plunge!


When all was said and done, the SNF team of thirteen plungers raised $1349 for Special Olympics! They were the 6th highest fundraising team and Amber Bennett was the 10th highest individual fundraiser in the entire event.

The team also won the spirit award amongst the sea of Hawks fans!!!


“We are so proud”, said Amber, “Not only did we raise all that money but many team members came out to support our plunges! It was incredibly cold but I know we will do it again next year, and I bet will raise even more!!!”

Way to Represent Seattle Niner Faithful!!!

One Team, One Love, One Family