Fan Story – Shan Berries


Shan_n_momI go by Shan or Shan Berries, but my real name is Shannon Clark. I am a native San Franciscan, born and raised, and attended Abraham Lincoln High School. I’ve been a Niner fan since I could remember! I went to my first game at Candlestick when I was about four years old and loved it. I entered a flag football team and was the only girl on my team from about seven to eleven years old. When I was in high school, I never missed a pep rally or a home game!

Shan_2Most people don’t know this about me, but I’ve been a violinist since the age of four and went on to play piano and drums and was in a rock band for my four years of high school. After high school, I moved abroad for four years of college. I started interning at 99.7NOW FM in San Francisco during my junior year of college and instantly fell in love with radio. The combination of my love of music and entertainment instantly attracted me; I knew I was meant to work in the radio industry.

Shan_7Since then, I’ve worked my way up and am now the Assistant Producer for the Fernando and Greg morning show on 99.7. I have so much fun with these guys; I have grown up with them and consider them family. After the show one day, about a week before last year’s playoffs, we came up with the idea to make a parody for the Niners. I wrote and produced “We Gon’ Win the Bowl”, a spin off to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” that afternoon. Fernando and Greg played it during the morning show and it was an instant hit. In a matter of hours, it was the #1 most requested song in the Bay Area! Since then, I’ve gone on to write a song about the Giants titled “The City Can’t Hold Us” and my latest Niners fight song, “See Us Score”, which is now the third song that I have written and produced.

I never would have thought in a million years that my songs would have blown up. It all started as a silly idea! I’ve always dreamed of being a singer but was told I wasn’t good enough. Now that I’ve finally come out of my shell and have been getting so much love, I want to continue pursing my passion as a singer/rapper and songwriter.

Shan_video_clip_3What really drives me to write songs about the Niners is the response and energy I get from the listeners and fans that truly bleed red and gold. I want to give them fight songs that allow people to come together, believe, and keep supporting the Bay Area.

I do the music videos because they are fun and I love capturing the spirit of San Francisco and to show the world how we do in The Bay! We are truly loyal fans: the music videos show our passion and commitment. My family, especially my mom and sister, really push me to go beyond my comfort zone and are my main source of support throughout the whole process. I will definitely be doing more songs and videos! When we make it to the playoffs again this year, best believe I’ll have something extra special for the Niner fans!

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