Ronbo Sports 49ers 2017 Draft Preview & Predictions With NellosProduction

Mitchell Trubisky, Reuben Foster, Leonard Fournette, Jamal Adams, Solomon Thomas, Christian McCaffrey, and Marshon Lattimore are all names that that have been at one time or another associated with the 49ers! Truth is none of the mock drafts have a clue as to what John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have in mind.Things have changed in Santa Clara. NellosProduction & Ronbo Sports invite you to join in on our live chat as we go over Nello’s mock draft. From there it will be all out investigation time on what the F***k are John and Kyle up to. We’ll attempt to link the behavior, and rumors together to unlock at least clues as to what is going to take place Thursday night because quite frankly these new guy are driving everybody in the Niner Empire nuts!!!