Niner Empire Salinas

Salinas, CA – Film maker and Director Jason Camp of Paramount Pictures is releasing a film on January 1st, 2015 showcasing the city of Salinas and what it has to offer. This is in the middle of a city caught in turmoil. Of the many positive highlights showcased is the Niner Empire Salinas Chapter.

Also known as the Salad Bowl of the world, Salinas is home to the Niner Empire Salinas Chapter. Founded by Ivan Orozco who took his cues from the Niner Empire of Fresno Chapter and it’s President, Luis Lozano. Under the guidance of Lozano and his Fresno Chapter, Orozco has been building a community oriented group of 49er fans who come together as a family to do their part.

In less than a year, Niner Empire Salinas has been busy. Among many accomplishments they were already the focus of local TV news about their community outreach and fund raising for a local cancer survivor. We look forward to seeing more great things as from this great group of 49er fans!

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