Niner Empire of Fresno gets major acknowledgement by City Mayor

Fresno Logo_2015_250FRESNO, CA – The Mayor of the City of Fresno, CA. has proclaimed September 5th the official,


The Niner Empire of Fresno Chapter has been the true definition of “Representing with Class” by checking their egos at the door and becoming the selfless group of fans all about their family, their community and helping their fellow souls.

Never about seeking headlines, Niner Empire of Fresno lead by President Luis Lozano and VP Robert Vinton set the perfect example of this. Their good deeds did not go unnoticed as the depth of their community involvement was recognized by city officials.


Raul Madrigal a member of the leadership of the Fresno Chapter said it best, “I have always felt that as long as you do things from the heart, it’s all that really matters. Why push any more bad karma into the world we are bringing our kids into. Some good karma has returned our way, as the city of Fresno has recognized the good we do in our community. The mayor has declared that September 5th, 2015 will be known as Niner Empire of Fresno Day!!”

Way to “Represent with Class” Niner Empire of Fresno!!!

You make the Empire family proud with your shining achievement.

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