NFL 49ers Draft 2017 Predictions

Budda Baker, Zay Jones, Brad Kaaya are all extremely real 49ers possible draft choices next week as the April 27 date is now fast approaching with draft night 2017! Meanwhile John Lynch is still pushing the media with a 49ers interest in Leonard Fournette! I still say he is targeting either the Jags or Carolina for a trade! Meanwhile there are plenty of 49ers fans that want a high quality no.2 pick, and trading down has no appeal!

One thing that we can all be sure of this season is that nobody will be able to anticipate what the new regime will do in this first year of making the player choices of the future. This vid highlights one of the most entertaining mock drafts you’ll hear this week from anywhere on the planet. Thanks Dre for your time! You are amazing. Click on in Fam for some Red&Gold inspiration. Guaranteed to fire you up for the April 27 date in Philadelphia…

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