NFL 2017 49ers Free Agency, Who Will Fit?!

49ers GM John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan are combing over available free agents even as we speak. Who fits? Who has those precious leadership skills that are so needed in the 49ers locker room? Who are the game changers that have ending contracts vs the undesirables that have been released for unpleasant reasons? There is so much go over before contacting player agents!

The stats, and injuries of players along with their positive tendencies vs their negatives! 49ers fans aren’t going to wait, and we know who we want! Edgar Puentes Niner faithful from Fresno California joins Ronbo Sports in this installment to point out his fave choices amongst this year’s crop of mercenaries. See what you think… Also a quick summary of the great things going on at 49ers headquarters in Santa Clara! It is so cool to be a 49ers fan right now! Click on in fam! This vid is guaranteed to pump you up!