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We are a not for profit organization which operates and promotes a higher standard for the most organized fan base in the world. In 2006, the initial goal of The Niner Empire was to bring together fans in celebration.  Today with a more defined mission statement we stand together stronger then ever.
Bringing the fan base/chapters together in celebration as one big family and altruistically engaging our local communities while operating under The Niner Empire’s Standard Bylaws and Policies.
It’s a lifestyle! We not only come together as a family during the season but meet throughout the year and give back to our local communities through charities, fundraisers and community outreach programs.
These are our standard rules and guidelines that all clubs/chapters sign off on and abide by.
Bylaws – Standard guidelines for all clubs/chapters
Policies – Rules and guidelines set by clubs/chapters specifically for their own use

START A CLUB/CHAPTER – Join our family
STEP 1 – Please download the Standard Bylaws & Policies

The Niner Empire Organization – Chapter Bylaws

The Niner Empire Organization – Chapter Policies

The Niner Empire Organization – Bylaws-and-Policies FAQ’s

Review and complete it with your group. After signing off on it your club/chapter has one year to put the rules into place.

STEP 2 – Please fill out the online application below.

Upon approval, we will aide you in setting up your club/chapter. You will receive your official seal and be placed on our official map during the next update. There are no fees required.


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