Montana and Clark

Bernett Family

Brent Bernett was in college on the day of the NFC Championship Game in 1982 when he watched the game winning Joe Montana to Dwight Clark touchdown better known to us all as ‘The Catch.’ Brent immediately pledged that he would name his first born son after Dwight Clark to the room of college buddies.

Brent’s wife Carrie explained, “Well we had a girl first, so we named her Montana.” Soon after when the Bernetts’ finally had their first born son they named him Clark.

Montana and Clark are also huge 49er fans just like mom and dad with Clark becoming somewhat of a walking 49ers encyclopedia.

Montana first saw her namesake in the early stages of her life. Carrie said, “Montana’s due date was on July 29, 2000, the same day Joe Montana was to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Luckily, she came three weeks early, and at 3 weeks old, she rode with us eight hours to Canton, Ohio. We were able to see him inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

The Bernetts were able to meet the Dwight Clark and Joe Montana at an autograph signing in 2010 in San Mateo, Calif.

Montana and Clark
Brent Bernett, grew up in Quincy, IL and has been a life-long Niners fan. Carrie (Guenther) said, “I’ve always liked the 49ers, but became more of a fan in 1996 when I started dating Brent.

“We were engaged on Super Bowl Sunday in 1997 so the Super Bowl is a big day in our family. We planned our honeymoon around the 49ers. We got married on a Saturday, had our reception and flew out early the next morning to San Francisco to attend a game against the Cowboys.”
Carrie said the family has traveled to numerous 49ers games over the years, and just this past season saw the Niners play in San Francisco, Minnesota, New York, New England and St. Louis.

“Most of our weekends in the fall are planned around the 49ers,” said Carrie, who noted she and Brent have attended games at all of the NFL stadiums.

Thank you Bernett family for sharing your story.
First published By JAY REDFERN

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