London Report – Day 7


Its the day we have been waiting for all season..ITS GAMEDAY!
Storms are coming but only for the Jaguars!!
Dipak and I head to the Green Man early ..49er fans already there..we meet our friend Roddy from Glasgow who arrived overnight with his son.
Gary…Brian..Gavin arrive..Brian is limping..what happened I asked, …’got my foot caught in the tube door’ so thats 2 broken feet on this tour..Dipak too!

We set up and wait and 49er fans keep coming and coming. Till its a sea of red.
It feels great to meet and great all the 49er fans from around the country and the world. Nothing better..we pose together for a group photo and it feels real at last! Niners together.

groupWe all head to the game and get to Wembley and every other fan seems to be in red. We meet Joe Fonzi again!! What a guy!
We head in and Gary says we been on the big screen in the stadium making fun of the jaguars! Brilliant!

The 49ers head towards us our flags are up. Kickoff and we show the Jags that this is our town Frankie TD 7-0. Many more TD’s follow. Highlight Skuta’s scooting down the sideline for a TD.
42-10 the final.
And we head off happy as the rain comes in. We go our seperate ways and say goodbye knowing that we have met some great friends along the way! Its not a goodbye but see you soon! Very soon!
Thank you all for making this a great week.


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