London Report – Day 2

Gavin Sutton, Brian Davis, Michael Thomas, Gary Rutledge
Gavin Sutton, Brian Davis, Michael Thomas, Gary Rutledge

Well what a great day on Monday.
what could Tuesday have in store for us….Got nothing planned for tomorrow I said to Brian as his phone rang in the pub on Monday Evening!
 Brian came back in from outside ‘do you want the good news or the good news’ he remarked. ‘Go on’ I replied 
we not do nothing tomorrow he said with delight. Why whats we doing then!
 We are going to The Grove.

One sleepless night …Bus packed we are on our way to the 49ers Team Hotel. Appointment 10am… 
we waited patiently outside as first Anquan Bolden… then Kendall Hunter.. and Quinton Dial walked past our Faithful Minibus as we tried to contain our excitement…930am came and Gary arrived.
 ‘Lets go in’ I said…nervously!…Met by security ‘can we help’ they asked….yes we have a meeting with Scott Kegley! Sure take a seat.
 We were escorted to our seats and sat down …oh look said Gavin there’s Jim Harbaugh…Andy lee gave us a hello…Patrick willis gave us a cheeky smile…Coach Tomsula thought we was the Police!!!!…We was in dreamland…49er dreamland.
 Scott, Robert, and Will came down and introduced themselves…right guys lets go out and do some filming and photo’s…



 4 hours later and its a wrap! Down to the boozer for some traditional british grub…a Pint ..and Cider for the Crew!!!!!
 After seemed like another dream we took the crew back to The Grove and thanked them for a great day!


Back at our hotel…and Brian checks twitter…Look we are on the 49ers web page again!!!
 Lets go to Pub said Brian….’yes’ i replied….Two Pints please! as my Phone rang…Hi its Joe Fonzi here…’What you guys doing tomorrow!!!!