LIVE! 49ers Fans Weekly: OTAs Conclude With 49ers Defense Dominant Over Offense

The 49ers Earl Mitchell allowed no running up the middle, Deforest Buckner, Arik Armstead, Chris Jones, and UDFA Jimmie Gilbert took no prisoners as they destroyed the 49ers offensive attempts, snap after snap during OTAs. That group notched 6 sacks on the day. BTW UDFA pass rusher Jimmie Gilbert had 3 of those 6 sacks. What do we have here?! Gilbert weighs a light 230LBS, but his height, and long limbs make him an absolute menace. He was unblock-able. The pads aren’t on yet so we’ll have to see what happens next week. He has been out playing 6th round draft pick Pita Taumopenu since camp started.

Meanwhile the media keeps crying about how Malcolm Smith was the worse signing of the offseason picked off a pass that would in a real game would have been 6 as he gets comfy back in the familiar confines of the 4-3 defense where he once picked up a Super Bowl MVP trophy.

Dontae Johnson joined in on the feeding frenzy on a battered, and bleeding offense with an INT as Garcon had a pass bounce off of his hands to an alert Dontae Johnson.

The hilarity on the day was at the end of the blood bath when a reporter asked Pierre Garcon what stands out to him so far about the defense. “Apparently we can’t run the ball or throw the ball against (it), so everything is standing out”, LOL!

Honestly, everybody knows the defense will be ahead of the offense at this time of year, but this was a bit much.

We’ll talk about this today! Are you excited about that defense, or concerned about the offense? Reuben Foster, Solomon Thomas, Elvis Dumervil, Rashard Robinson, Ahmad Brooks and Eli Harold weren’t even participating during the Thursday media invite!

I find it hilarious at this point in the season. I’m juiced about that defense! I would love to hear about your feelings on the matter.

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