LIVE! 49ers Fans Weekly: Jeremy Maclin Available, Bowman In Question & Rashard Robinson Maturing

Negative reporting about Navorro Bowman has stirred the masses. Jeremy Maclin has an equal amount of 49ers fans hoping to hear about Maclin possibilities with the 49ers as soon as possible.

Did you notice all the praises Rashard Robinson was collecting from Robert Saleh, and the 49ers coaching staff this past week? “The dog” in Robinson has reinvigorated the defense in a way that has been needed for awhile. His enthusiasm for the game should keep the ranks fired up!

John Lynch is saying good things about Trent Brown, and Akhello Witherspoon progressing as well! What are you thinking?! Can we finally get back to chanting quest for six again? I would think so! It’s Sunday fam, lets talk some 49ers football!