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Jose Santana

Voice of the Empire

- Faithful no matter the record -

Niner Hot Boyzz

Game time!!! Kwon inspired !! The fan base the team let’s get this Lombardi!!! The history The present!

Brick By Brick - "We're the 49ers"

Supporting the team and fan base in a time of need but knowing better days out ahead. For the family, fans and team

Kings of the Tailgate - The Album

Niners By Law

Again for the fans Ray Rezz brought the legendary Black C and we put that G touch on it

Kings of the Tailgate album/NINER PARTY - single 2014-2015

Going through tough times record wise this was recorded for the empire fam base everyone stopped making anthems because we were losing so I decided to not only make a anthem but a whole album to rep the real “diehard” faithfuls

Kap was coming into his own. Super Bowl aspirations wanted to reach out to an up and comer. Empire becoming like a badge of honor

This was Harbaugh era at its finest and wanted to follow up ambitions, I was repping hard when we were losing so this was an opportunity to capture the joy of winning

Ambitionz Az A NINER

The organization was in a in between era from Erickson to Nolan to singletary. He instilled a breath of life to the organization which resonated with the fans which was evident in the tailgate and I wanted to capture that. The ambition was thick