49ers Fan Ambassador

Jose Membreno, NFL fan ambassador for the San Francisco 49ers.


As a kid in the 80s, Jose Membreno was born into an era where he witnessed legendary players winning Super Bowls and fans celebrating in the streets of San Francisco. There was so much pride growing up as a 49ers fan from the players to the coaches and admiring the way Eddie D did things.

Even through the rough times he never lost faith because he always knew that such a historic and classy franchise would rise to the top once again. Membreno told us, “To me, being a 49er meant being faithful and loyal to the fullest no matter how many dark times we encountered.”

at_the_shootRecently Membreno has been blessed with the opportunity to represent the 49ers and The Niner Empire more than he could ever dream of. He was part of a back to football photo shoot where NEW ERA chose one fan from each of the thirty two NFL teams to represent and Speak with your cap in New York City.

This blessing has featured him on the front cover of the NFL_shop_cvr_bNFL shop catalog as well as being featured on the New Era website with his own section and page. He was also part of a 49ers New Era speak with your cap commercial. “This whole experience has truly been great and humbling”, he says, “I am proud to represent such a historic franchise along with the greatest fans in the world.”


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