Fresno Chapter Easter Event

The Niner Empire of Fresno Chapter held its annual Easter event this past Sunday. Everyone was excited to get together and start another year full of events.

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As Vice President Robert Vinton put it, Today was not like any other day, it was a day that we, The Niner Empire of Fresno came together once again to rejoice, see the smiles and talk amongst each other without missing a beat… To see the children play with each other, the brothers and sisters enjoying each others company, this day went well above what was expected… But yet again, we always go above and beyond when we are in each others presence… So to those that came out today and make this event another successful one, we thank you… The Niner Empire of Fresno, WE ARE FRESNO…!!!

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Luis Grill Captainmaximo n yvonne

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Luis Rob - grillers

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Enough said Robert, Keep up the great work Fresno!!!