Ashley Fortyniners McNally


I do voluntary work for Mrs. Murphy and she is 83 years young…

My Counselor called and said I had to see her asap to discuss my student loans. In a rush I left my gear at Mrs. Murphy’s and while I was gone, she secretly made a pattern of my scrub… she was a seamstress for 50 years. This was about 3 months ago, throughout that time she searched then purchased this VERY rare red 49ers fabric and even though she has severe Arthritis in her hands, made this 49ers scrub from scratch. She knew how much I LOVE the Niners and she saw how sad I was after they lost so you can only imagine the emotion I was in when she gave this to me for Easter I literally cried my eyes out! Mrs. Murphy you have no idea what this gesture meant to me words cannot even describe how I feel you are a great woman and I love you!

I am sharing this story because I’ve always been a big supporter of Artists but I’ve had no first hand experience with talented Crafters until now. There are so many unknown and talented artists, crafters plus small businesses who are waiting for all of us to just look at their stuff, so if you are an artist/crafter and you need help spreading out the word message me and I will do my best to support you… PLEASE I also encourage my Niner Family to do the same <3Ash

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