Faithful Ride – San Jose, CA



San Jose, CA – George Urban and his wife Suzanne have been fans of the 49ers for a long time going as far back as 1978 from what George remembers. He bought the car in 2009, becoming it’s second owner and started fixing it up when he lived in Washington. He moved to the Bay Area after meeting his wife, then girlfriend, in Hawaii in 2009. Thats when he joined a car club and started really modding his car and  came up with a Niners theme. He liked the old school Niners who he had  grown up with so when George saw the red/blk throw back jerseys it helped him come up with the scheme of his car. It was a mix of NASCAR/throwback look. Since then he has added the faithful logo and some more gold accents.



“I haven’t been a “true” faithful fan, but I have followed them since the 70’s. I’m definitely not a bandwagon fan though by any shape or form. I am faithful by continually supporting them since I was little. My car is a daily driven car, so I am always reppin the Niners win or lose. I also tailgate now with the rest of the Niner Empire at Levis Stadium by Gate C. It’s great meeting new people this that have the same passion about the 49ers”!

– George and Suzanne Urban.




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